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fulltext accessible on an other server In vivo tmRNA protection by SmpB and pre-ribosome binding conformation in solution.
Ranaei-Siadat E., Mérigoux C., Seijo B., Ponchon L., Saliou J.-M. et al
RNA (2014) [hal-01058972 - version 1]
(Is the new vaccination schedule recommended in France adapted to premature babies?)
Gaudelus J., Pinquier D., Romain O., Thiebault G., Vie Le Sage F. et al
Arch Pediatr (2014) epub ahead of print [hal-01058067 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Background-independent measurement of θ13 in Double Chooz
Abe Y., Dos Anjos J.C., Barriere J.C., Baussan E., Bekman I. et al
Physics Letters B 735 (2014) 51-56 [in2p3-00935739 - version 1]
fulltext access Socio-spatial cognition in vervet monkeys.
Noë R., Laporte M.
Animal Cognition 17, 3 (2014) 597-607 [hal-00914516 - version 1]
fulltext access Complementary Observer for Body Segments Motion Capturing by Inertial and Magnetic Sensors
Fourati H., Manamanni N., Afilal L., Handrich Y.
IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics 19, 1 (2014) 149-157 [hal-00690145 - version 2]
Evolution of microbial markets.
Werner G. D. A., Strassmann J. E., Ivens A. B. F., Engelmoer D. J. P., Verbruggen E. et al
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111, 4 (2014) 1237-1244 [hal-00939254 - version 1]
fulltext access Windscapes shape seabird instantaneous energy costs but adult behavior buffers impact on offspring
H. Elliott K., S. Chivers L., Bessey L., J. Gaston A., A. Hatch S. et al
Movement Ecology 2 (2014) 17 [hal-01068796 - version 1]
Elevation impacts the balance between growth and oxidative stress in coal tits.
Stier A., Delestrade A., Zahn S., Arrivé M., Criscuolo F. et al
Oecologia 175, 3 (2014) 791-800 [hal-01067742 - version 1]
Pygmy dipole resonance in 124Sn populated by inelastic scattering of 17O
Pellegri L., Bracco A., Crespi F.C.L., Leoni S., Camera F. et al
Physics Letters B in press (2014) [in2p3-01067013 - version 1]
Study of the deformation-driving νd5/2νd5/2 orbital in 6728Ni39 using one-neutron transfer reactions
Diriken J., Patronis N., Andreyev A.N., Antalic S., Bildstein V. et al
Physics Letters B 736 (2014) 533-538 [in2p3-01066978 - version 1]
Fine structure in the alpha decay of $^(224)$U
Lopez-Martens A., Hauschild K., Rezynkina K., Dorvaux O., Gall B. et al
European Physical Journal A: Hadrons and Nuclei 50 (2014) 132-135 [in2p3-01065465 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Search for invisible decays of Higgs bosons in the vector boson fusion and associated ZH production modes
Chatrchyan S., Besancon M., Couderc F., Dejardin M., Denegri D. et al
European Physical Journal C: Particles and Fields 74 (2014) 2980 [in2p3-01064404 - version 1]
Mutations in CNTNAP1 and ADCY6 are responsible for severe arthrogryposis multiplex congenita with axoglial defects
Laquérriere A., Maluenda J., Camus A., Fontenas L., Dieterich K. et al
Human Molecular Genetics 23, 9 (2014) 2279--2289 [hal-01064295 - version 1]
Exacerbated oxidative stress in the fasting liver according to fuel partitioning.
Wasselin T., Zahn S., Maho Y. L., Dorsselaer A. V., Raclot T. et al
PROTEOMICS 14, 16 (2014) 1905-1921 [hal-01062797 - version 1]
Leptin levels in free ranging striped mice (Rhabdomys pumilio) increase when food decreases: the ecological leptin hypothesis.
Schradin C., Raynaud J., Arrivé M., Blanc S.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 206 (2014) 139-145 [hal-01062781 - version 1]
Chronic mitochondrial uncoupling treatment prevents acute cold-induced oxidative stress in birds
Stier A., Massemin S., Criscuolo F.
Journal of Comparative Physiology B (2014) in press [hal-01060252 - version 1]
Cyrcé, un cyclotron pour la recherche et l'enseignement en Alsace
Marchand P., Ouadi A., Pellicioli M., Brasse D.
L'Actualité Chimique 386 (2014) 9-14 [hal-01059839 - version 1]
Fusion Hindrance for a Positive-Q-Value System Mg-24+Si-30
L. Jiang C., M. Stefanini A., Esbensen H., E. Rehm K., Almaraz-Calderon S. et al
Physical Review Letters 113 (2014) 022701 [in2p3-01058257 - version 1]
Counting rate measurements for lifetime experiments using the RDDS method with the new generation γ-ray array AGATA
Goasduff A., J. Valiente-Dobón J., Lunardi S., Haas F., Gadea A. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 758 (2014) 1-3 [in2p3-01057687 - version 1]
Measurement of the electron structure function F2e at LEP energies
Abdallah J., Arnoud Y., Bérat C., Ledroit F., Bloch D. et al
Physics Letters B 737 (2014) 39-47 [in2p3-01057658 - version 1]