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Physics Letters B 146 (1984) 29-32
High momentum and energy transfer induced by 1760 MeV $^{40}$Ar on $^{197}$Au and $^{232}$Th targets
E.C. Pollacco, M. Conjeaud, S. Harar, C. Volant, Y. Cassagnou, R. Dayras, R. Legrain, M.S. Nguyen, H. Oeschler, F. Saint-Laurent1

Angular correlations between fission fragments induced by 1760 MeV 40Ar bombarding 197Au and 232Th targets have been measured. Energies, velocities and masses have been obtained for both fragments. The momentum transfer and energy deposited were deduced from an event-by-event analysis. The recoil velocity and total mass spectra show that mass transfer is still a dominating process. Momentum transfer of at least 6.5 GeV/c and 900 MeV excitation energy are deduced.
1:  GANIL - Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds
Physics/Nuclear Experiment