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RFX3 governs growth and beating efficiency of motile cilia in mouse and controls the expression of genes involved in human ciliopathies.
El Zein L., Ait-Lounis A., Morlé L., Thomas J., Chhin B. et al
Journal of Cell Science 122, Pt 17 (2009) 3180-9 [hal-00425116 - version 1]
Infection with herpes simplex type 1-based amplicon vectors results in an IRF3/7-dependent, TLR-independent activation of the innate antiviral response in primary human fibroblasts.
Tsitoura E., Thomas J., Cuchet D., Thoinet K., Mavromara P. et al
Journal of General Virology 90, Pt 9 (2009) 2209-20 [hal-00425122 - version 1]