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Physical Review C 86 (2012) 024309
Number-conserving approach to the pairing problem: Application to Kr and Sn isotopic chains
G. Hupin1, D. Lacroix1

The recently proposed symmetry-conserving energy density functional approach [G. Hupin, D. Lacroix, and M. Bender, Phys. Rev. C 84, 014309 (2011)] is applied to perform variation after projection onto the good particle number using the Skyrme interaction, including density-dependent terms. We propose a simplification to reduce the numerical effort to perform the variation. We present a systematic study of the Kr and Sn isotopic chains. This approach leads to nonzero pairing in magic nuclei and a global enhancement of the pairing gap compared to the original theory, which breaks particle number symmetry.
1 :  GANIL - Grand Accélérateur National d'Ions Lourds
Physique/Physique Nucléaire Théorique