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Endoscopic Microscopy VI, Nonlinear Endomicroscopy, San franscisco - Californie : États-Unis (2011)
Toward non-linear endomicroscopy for exploration of the pulmonary airways : preliminary spectroscopic study of human lung tissue using monomode fiber
Donald Peyrot1, Darine Abi Haidar2, Claire Lefort3, Nicolas Sandeau, Tigran Mansuryan3, Frédéric Louradour3, Sergei Kruglik, Geneviève Bourg-Heckly

We are developing a non-linear fibered endomicroscope for imaging the extracellular matrix collagen and elastin fibrillar networks during bronchoscopy. As a proof of concept, laser pulses at the output of a standard 2 meter long single-mode fibre have been obtained with pulse duration of about 50 fs and pulse energy up to 50 uJ, using a specially designed grism line for the dispersion compensation. With these pulses, we performed a spectroscopic characterization of the non-linear endogenous signal, consisting of two-photon fluorescence and second harmonic generation, and originated from human pulmonary tissue of various thickness, both in forward and backward geometry of signal collection, with excitation at 830 nm.
1 :  LOA - Laboratoire d'optique appliquée
2 :  IMNC - Imagerie et Modélisation en Neurobiologie et Cancérologie
3 :  XLIM - XLIM