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On the monopole and quadrupole isoscalar giant resonances in $^(4)$He, $^(16)$O, $^(20)$Ne and $^(40)$Ca
Abgrall Y., Caurier E.
Physics Letters B 56 (1975) 229-231 [in2p3-00009118 - version 1]
High-spin states of $^(28)$Al
Freeman R.M., Haas F., Achari A.R., Modjahed-Zadeh R.
Physical Review C 11 (1975) 1948-1952 [in2p3-00009043 - version 1]
Automatic gain survey of photomultipliers in a beam of particles
Callot O., Meyer J.M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 128 (1975) 25-28 [in2p3-00019363 - version 1]
Inclusive production of y* resonances in $K^-p$ interactions at 14.3 GeV/c
Bardadin-Otwinowska M., Barloutaud R., Borg A., Louedec C., Pierre F. et al
Nuclear Physics B 98 (1975) 418-428 [in2p3-00019361 - version 1]
Calibration of a sampling total absorption detector designed for neutrino experiments
Barish B.C., Bartlett J.F., Bodek A., Brown K.W., Buchholz D. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research 130 (1975) 49-60 [in2p3-00019354 - version 1]
$K^-p4 elastic scattering at 14.3 GeV/c
Drevillon B., Borenstein S., Chaurand B., Gago J.M., Salmeron R.A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 97 (1975) 392-402 [in2p3-00019346 - version 1]
Inclusive $F^(\star-)$(890) and 4\bar K^(\star0)$(890) production in 14.3 GeV/c $K^-p$ interactions
Paler K., Tovey S.N., Shah T.P., Phelan J.J., Miller R.J. et al
Nuclear Physics B 96 (1975) 1-28 [in2p3-00019345 - version 1]
Preliminary result on neutrino-neutron and neutrino-proton charged current cross-sections ratio
Haguenauer M.
Dans International Colloquium on High Energy Physics Proceedings - International Colloquium On High Energy Neutrino Physics, France [in2p3-00019342 - version 1]
Double diffractive dissociation in the reaction $K^-p \rightarrow K^-\pi^+\pi^-n\pi^+$ at 14.3 GeV/c and pomeron factorisation
Denegri D., Pons Y., Borg A., Spiro M., Borenstein S. et al
Nuclear Physics B 101 (1975) 53-71 [in2p3-00019319 - version 1]
Complex effective interaction and resonance effects in (p,p') scattering
Geramb H.V., Sprickmann R., Eppel D., Lebrun D., Perrin G. et al
In Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Spring Meeting of the Fachausschuss Kernphysik Und Hochenergiephysik of the DPG, Netherlands [in2p3-00008850 - version 1]