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Fission track dating of quartz grains from the Oklo uranium ore deposit
Dran J.C., Langevin Y., Petit J.C., Duraud J.P.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods - International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors 9, Allemagne [in2p3-00001664 - version 1]
Experimental evidence for an angular dependence in the ionization probability of silver by 1-MeV protons
Chemin J.F., Andriamonje S., Denagbe S., Roturier J., Saboya B. et al
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 15 (1977) 1851-1855 [in2p3-00001663 - version 1]
Deformed-quasiparticle basis for calculating potential energy surfaces and nuclear spectra
Kumar K., Remaud B., Aguer P., Vaagen J.S., Rester A.C. et al
Physical Review C 16 (1977) 1235-1254 [in2p3-00001661 - version 1]
Thermal annealing of iron tracks in muscovite labradorite and olivine
Dartyge E., Duraud J.P., Langevin Y.
Dans Radiation Effects - International Conference on Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors 9, Allemagne [in2p3-00001649 - version 1]
Backbending in the nucleus $^(155)$Er
Aguer P., Bastin G., Thibaud J.P., Barneoud D., Boutet J. et al
Journal of Physics G 3 (1977) L157-L162 [in2p3-00014514 - version 1]
The potential energy surfaces of odd-mass Tl, Au, Ir and Re isotones
Wieclawik W. D., Larsson S.E., Ragnarsson I., Vieu C., Dionisio J.S.
Journal of Physics G 3 (1977) L57-L66 [in2p3-00001440 - version 1]
Are 'decoupled' bands in $^(193-195)$Au evidence for the rotation-aligned coupling to a triaxial shape?
Paar V., Vieu C., Dionisio J.S.
Nuclear Physics A 284 (1977) 199-208 [in2p3-00001426 - version 1]
fulltext access Complete identification of products of the reaction 20Ne + 12C at 110 Mev
Menet J., Cole A.J., Longequeue N., Lucas J.J., Mariolopoulos G. et al
Journal de Physique 38, 9 (1977) 1051-1059 [jpa-00208670 - version 1]
fulltext access Characterization of undoped high resistivity CdTe grown by a THM method
Stuck R., Muller J.C., Siffert P.
Dans Revue de Physique Appliquee - International Symposium On Cadmium Telluride: Physical Properties And Applications 2, France (1976) [jpa-00244139 - version 1]
fulltext access Mesure de durées de vie par DSAM au moyen de la réaction (α, 2n a eα = 30 Mev sur cible autoporteuse : application aux 70Ge, 68Ge et 66Zn
Morand C., Bruandet J.F., Giorni A., Tsan U. C.
Journal de Physique 38, 11 (1977) 1319-1334 [jpa-00208703 - version 1]