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Detailed calculations of $\pi$ -d elastic scattering at medium energies - Part I
Giraud N., Avishai Y., Fayard C., Lamot G.-H.
In Few Body Systems and Nuclear Forces - International Conference On Few Body Systems And Nuclear Forces 8, Austria [in2p3-00004338 - version 1]
Photoproduction in the cern omega spectrometer.
Richard F.
Dans Rencontre De Moriond.13 - Rencontre De Moriond.13 13, France [in2p3-00004274 - version 1]
Three-body calculation of $\pi$ d elastic scattering at 142 MeV
Giraud N., Lamot G.-H., Fayard C.
Physical Review Letters 40 (1978) 438-441 [in2p3-00004224 - version 1]
Polarization observables in $\pi$ -d scattering
Giraud N., Avishai Y., Fayard C., Lamot G.-H.
Physics Letters B 77 (1978) 141-144 [in2p3-00004223 - version 1]
Three-body treatment of (d- $\alpha$) elastic scattering
Elbaz E., Fayard C., Lamot G.-H.
In Journal of the Physical Society of Japan - International Conference On Nuclear Structure, Japan [in2p3-00004222 - version 1]
Is the solar system entering a nearby interstellar cloud
Vidal-Madjar A., Laurent C., Bruston P., Audouze J.
Astrophysical Journal 223 (1978) 589-600 [in2p3-00004168 - version 1]
High resolution laser spectroscopy on $^(21-31)$Na
Huber G., Klapisch R., Touchard F., Thibault C., Buettgenbach S. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Dpg Spring Meeting and Advanced Training Meeting of the Fachausschuss Kernphysik Sektion A: Nuclear Physics, Allemagne [in2p3-00004142 - version 1]
Nuclear orientation with combined electric and magnetic interactions
Haroutunian R., Meyer M., Coussement R.
Physical Review C 17 (1978) 292-296 [in2p3-00004100 - version 1]
Optical-model analysis of vector polarized $^6$Li elastic scattering on $^(12)$C $^(16)$O $^(28)$Si and $^(58)$Ni nuclei
Meyer J., Nahabetian R., Elbaz E.
Lettere al Nuovo Cimento Della Societa Italiana di Fisica 22 (1978) 355-359 [in2p3-00015080 - version 1]
Energy dissipation in light heavy ion reactions
Billerey R., Cerruti C., Chevarier A., Chevarier N., Demeyer A.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 284 (1978) 319-327 [in2p3-00013361 - version 1]