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Radiopolarographie du baryum et du radium
Fourest B.
Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI (1978) [in2p3-00010052 - version 1]
A review of neutrino experiments
Heusse P.
Dans Theoretical Problems Associated With The NewParticles - National Colloquium On Theoretical Problems Associated With The New Particles, France [in2p3-00021437 - version 1]
Non nuclear-molecular phenomena: interference effects in heavy-ion elastic scattering
Doubre H., Marty C.
In Resonances In Heavy Ion Reactions - International Conference On Resonances In Heavy Ion Reactions, Yugoslavia [in2p3-00009974 - version 1]
Thermodynamic properties of 5f elements
David F., Samhoun K., Guillaumont R., Edelstein N.
Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry 40 (1978) 69-74 [in2p3-00009967 - version 1]
Status report on Ganil
Bieth C., Gouttefangeas M., Harar S., Lefort M.
In Journal of the Physical Society of Japan - International Conference On Nuclear Structure, Japan (1977) [in2p3-00009966 - version 1]
Preparation and properties of Tetravalent Protactinium Phosphates
Le Cloarec M.F., Cazaussus A.
Journal of Inorganic and Nuclear Chemistry 40 (1978) 1680-1681 [in2p3-00009965 - version 1]
New analytical developments in prompt $\gamma$-ray spectrometry with low-energy tritons and $\alpha$ particles
Borderie B., Barrandon J.N.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 156 (1978) 483-492 [in2p3-00009964 - version 1]
Friction and statistical fluctuations in deep-inelastic heavy ion reactions
Hofmann H., Ngo C.
In Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - DPG Spring Meeting And Advanced Training Meeting Of The Fachausschuss Kernphysik Sektion A: Nuclear Physics, Germany [in2p3-00009963 - version 1]
Deep inelastic reactions with heavy ions. a probe for nuclear macrophysics studies
Lefort M., Ngo C.
Annales de Physique 3 (1978) 5-114 [in2p3-00009962 - version 1]
Correlations between potentials and observables in the NN interaction
Pauss F., Mathelitsch L., Lacombe M., Loiseau B., Vinh Mau R.
In Few Body Systems And Nuclear Forces - International Conference On Few Body Systems And Nuclear Forces 8, Austria [in2p3-00009961 - version 1]