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The classical limit s-matrix and orbital dynamics in semi-classical coulomb excitation theory
Guidry M.W., Donangelo R., Rasmussen J.O., Boisson J.P.
Nuclear Physics A 295 (1978) 482-512 [in2p3-00009434 - version 1]
Experimental determination of spin and spin alignment after deep-inelastic heavy ion reactions
Albrecht R., Demond F.J., Ho H., Kuehn W., Ronningen R.M. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Dpg Spring Meeting And Advanced Training Meeting Of The Fachausschuss Kernphysik Sektion A: Nuclear Physics, Allemagne [in2p3-00019554 - version 1]
High-spin states in $^(37)$Cl
Baumann P., Bergdolt A.M., Bergdolt G., Huck A., Walter G. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 247-254 [in2p3-00019544 - version 1]
Parity non-conservation in inelastic electron scattering
Prescott C.Y., Atwood W.B., Cottrell R.L.A., DeStaebler H., Garwin E.L. et al
Physics Letters B 77 (1978) 347-352 [in2p3-00021414 - version 1]
Projectile charge and mass dependence of large angle k-shell ionization probabilities on Copper
Chemin J.F., Andriamonje S., Roturier J., Saboya B., Gayet R. et al
Physics Letters A 67 (1978) 116-118 [in2p3-00022381 - version 1]
An Overview of the Nucleon - Nucleon Interaction
Vinh Mau R.
In Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction Meeting - Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction Meeting 2, Canada [in2p3-00009325 - version 1]
A search for charmed particle production in $\bar pp$ interactions at 12 GeV/c
Jacholkowska A., Daugeras B., Johnson D.P., Lemonne J., Renton P. et al
Nuclear Physics B 142 (1978) 53-64 [in2p3-00009324 - version 1]
Inclusive production of K*(890) sigma (1385) and S*(993) resonances in $\bar pp$ interactions at 12 GeV/c incident momentum
Baland J.F., Grard F., Herquet P., Parisis G., Johnson D.P. et al
Nuclear Physics B 140 (1978) 220-234 [in2p3-00009323 - version 1]
Upper limit for $d\bar d$ production in pp interactions at c.m. energy of 55 GeV
Baum L., Block M., Boehm A., Ceradini F., DiBitonto D. et al
Physics Letters B 77 (1978) 337-338 [in2p3-00009322 - version 1]
Comparison of electron and muon charged current neutrino and antineutrino interactions in a neon-H$_2$ mixture
Ballagh H.C., Bingham H.H., Bosetti P., Fretter W.B., Gee D. et al
Physics Letters B 79 (1978) 320-324 [in2p3-00009321 - version 1]