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fulltext access Chromatic correlations at injection and related ejection problems in separated sector cyclotrons
Chabert A., Ferme J., Gendreau G., Lapostolle P., Yvon P.
Dans IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science - 8th Particle Accelerator Conference, États-Unis [in2p3-00183781 - version 1]
Gauge theory in terms of projector valued fields
Dubois-Violette M., Georgelin Y.
Physics Letters B 82 (1979) 251-254 [hal-00013693 - version 1]
The problem of exchange currents in the transition: O-16 (0$^+$) N-16(0)
Guichon P.A.M., Giffon M., Samour C.
Dans Meson Nuclear Physics - International Topical Conference on Meson Nuclear Physics 2, États-Unis [in2p3-00011236 - version 1]
One-pion exchange currents effects on muon capture rates in the $1-p$ shell nuclei
Desgrolard P., Guichon P.A.M.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 290 (1979) 373-376 [in2p3-00010688 - version 1]
Total cross section for neutrino charged current interactions at 3 GeV and 9 GeV
Ciampolillo S., Mattioli F., Degrange B., Francois T., Dewit M. et al
Physics Letters B 84 (1979) 281-284 [in2p3-00010560 - version 1]
Study of a fast collective mode in deep inelastic reactions: quantal fluctuations
Berlanger M., Gobbi A., Sann H., Stelzer H., Hanappe F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 291 (1979) 133-143 [in2p3-00010498 - version 1]
Solvent extraction of Nb(V) with 57-dichloro 8-hydroxy quinoleine
Vaezi-Nasr F., Duplessis J., Guillaumont R.
Analusis 7 (1979) 302-308 [in2p3-00010497 - version 1]
pp collisions with a high P$_t$ charged hadron trigger at the CERN ISR
Albrow M.G., Almehed S., Booth P.S.L., Bouard X. D., Boggild H. et al
Dans Physica Scripta - Symposium On Jets In High Energy Collisions, Danemark [in2p3-00010488 - version 1]
Pion and kaon production in 70 GeV/ck-p interactions
Prevost J., Louedec C., Borg A., Barloutaud R., Laffaille J.M. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 2 (1979) 95-106 [in2p3-00010474 - version 1]
Two-photon processes in $e^+e^-$ calorimetric experiments and tests of quantum chromodynamics
Abud M., Gatto R., Savoy C.A.
Physical Review D 20 (1979) 2224-2247 [in2p3-00010472 - version 1]