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Shell-model calculations with a basis that contains correlated pairs
Boisson J.P., Silvestre-Brac B., Liotta R.J.
Nuclear Physics A 330 (1979) 307-324 [in2p3-00009179 - version 1]
Saturation properties of infinte nuclear matter via Hartree-Fock calculations on finite nuclei
Pearson J.M., Rouben B., Saunier G., Brut F.
Nuclear Physics A 317 (1979) 447-459 [in2p3-00009178 - version 1]
Some insight into the structure of the nuclei $^(19)$F, $^(19)$Ne, $^(21)$Ne, $^(21)$Na, $^(23)$Na and $^(23)$Mg through the generator coordinate method and the projected Hartree-Fock method
Mankoc-Borstnik N., Brut F., Jang S.
Nuclear Physics A 325 (1979) 100-115 [in2p3-00009177 - version 1]
($^(3)$He,t) reaction mechanism via the $^(38)$Ar($^(3)$He,t)$^(38)$K reaction at 40 MeV
Bruge G., Zisman M.S., Bacher A.D., Schaeffer R., Zeippen C.J. et al
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 9-19 [in2p3-00009176 - version 1]
Formation and deexcitation of the $^(32)$S compound nucleus via the $^(20)$Ne + $^(12)$C and $^(16)$O + $^(16)$O entrance channels
Saint-Laurent F., Conjeaud M., Harar S., Loiseaux J.M., Menet J. et al
Nuclear Physics A 327 (1979) 517-532 [in2p3-00009175 - version 1]
A realistic three-body model of $^(6)$Li with local interactions
Bang J., Gignoux C.
Nuclear Physics A 313 (1979) 119-140 [in2p3-00009174 - version 1]
Analysis of $^(3)$He + $^(4)$He elastic scattering between 18 and 70 MeV with the resonating group method of Brown and Tang
Bacher A.D., Conzett H.E., Swiniarski R. D., Resmini F.G., Tombrello T.A.
Helvetica Physica Acta 51 (1979) 680-684 [in2p3-00009173 - version 1]
Elastic and inelastic scattering of 40 MeV polarized protons from $^(90)$Zr and $^(92)$Zr
Swiniarski R. D., Pham D.L., Bagieu G., Geramb H.V.
Canadian Journal of Physics 57 (1979) 540-549 [in2p3-00009172 - version 1]
Spin-orbit deformation in the inelastic scattering of polarized protons from $^(12)$C and $^(16)$O
Pham D.L., Swiniarski R. D.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 291 (1979) 327-330 [in2p3-00009171 - version 1]
Observation of a set of nuclear shell orbitals for the $\lambda$ particle in $^(32)_(\lambda)$S and $^(40)_(\lambda)$Ca
Bertini R., Bing O., Birien P., Brueckner W., Catz H. et al
Dans Proceedings of the 2nd International Topical Conference on Meson-Nuclear Physics - International Conference On Meson-Nuclear Physics 2, États-Unis [in2p3-00009170 - version 1]