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Differential and channel cross sections for the reactions $K^0_lp \rightarrow K^0_sp$ and $K^0_lp \rightarrow \lambda^0\pi^+$ in the c.m. energy range 1605 to 1910 MeV
Corden M.J., Cox G.F., Kelsey D.P., Lawrence C.A., Watkins P.M. et al
Nuclear Physics B 155 (1979) 13-38 [in2p3-00021409 - version 1]
Non-diffractive two-body channels in reactions $K^+p \rightarrow K^0\pi^+p$ and $K^+p \rightarrow K^+\pi^-\pi^+p$ at 32 GeV/c
Givernaud A., Cochet C., Denegri D., Mosca L., Saudraix J. et al
Nuclear Physics B 153 (1979) 280-298 [in2p3-00009183 - version 1]
Study of the inclusive $K^+p \rightarrow px$ and $K^+p \rightarrow pK^0x$ at 32 GeV/c
Laurent J., Dujardin C., Grard F., Windmolders R., Jabiol M.A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 149 (1979) 189-210 [in2p3-00009182 - version 1]
Two particle rapidity correlation in proton-emulsion nucleus interactions at 400 GeV
Simic L., Rak L., Adamovic O., Juric M., Tsai C. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 2 (1979) 291-294 [in2p3-00009181 - version 1]
A systematic study of $\pi^(+)$ and $\pi^(-)$ inelastic scattering from $^(28)$Si in the region of the $\pi$N(3,3) resonance
Preedom B.M., Corfu R., Egger J.P., Gretillat P., Lunke C. et al
Nuclear Physics A 326 (1979) 385-400 [in2p3-00009180 - version 1]
Shell-model calculations with a basis that contains correlated pairs
Boisson J.P., Silvestre-Brac B., Liotta R.J.
Nuclear Physics A 330 (1979) 307-324 [in2p3-00009179 - version 1]
Saturation properties of infinte nuclear matter via Hartree-Fock calculations on finite nuclei
Pearson J.M., Rouben B., Saunier G., Brut F.
Nuclear Physics A 317 (1979) 447-459 [in2p3-00009178 - version 1]
Some insight into the structure of the nuclei $^(19)$F, $^(19)$Ne, $^(21)$Ne, $^(21)$Na, $^(23)$Na and $^(23)$Mg through the generator coordinate method and the projected Hartree-Fock method
Mankoc-Borstnik N., Brut F., Jang S.
Nuclear Physics A 325 (1979) 100-115 [in2p3-00009177 - version 1]
($^(3)$He,t) reaction mechanism via the $^(38)$Ar($^(3)$He,t)$^(38)$K reaction at 40 MeV
Bruge G., Zisman M.S., Bacher A.D., Schaeffer R., Zeippen C.J. et al
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 9-19 [in2p3-00009176 - version 1]
Formation and deexcitation of the $^(32)$S compound nucleus via the $^(20)$Ne + $^(12)$C and $^(16)$O + $^(16)$O entrance channels
Saint-Laurent F., Conjeaud M., Harar S., Loiseaux J.M., Menet J. et al
Nuclear Physics A 327 (1979) 517-532 [in2p3-00009175 - version 1]