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Influence of atomic concentrations on ion emission yields of alloys flooded with oxygen
Roques-Carmes C., Pivin J.C., Slodzian G.
Dans Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry SIMS-II Proceedings of the Second International Conference - International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry 2 SIMS-II, États-Unis [in2p3-00002163 - version 1]
Simultaneous excitation of heavy nucleus and K-shell by protons
Chemin J.F., Andriamonje S., Roturier J., Thibaud J.P., Joly S. et al
Dans Electronic and Atomic Collisions Proceedings of the XIth International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions - International Conference on the Physics of Electronic and Atomic Collisions 11, Japon [in2p3-00002162 - version 1]
Oxidation mechanism of Fe-Ni-20-25Cr-5Al alloys-influence of small amounts of yttrium on oxidation kinetics and oxide adherence
Pivin J.C., Delaunay D., Roques-Carmes C.Y., Huntz A.M., Lacombe P.
Corrosion Science 20 (1980) 351-373 [in2p3-00002160 - version 1]
Rise and fall of the spin alignment in deep-inelastic reactions
Wozniak G.J., McDonald R.J., Pacheco A.J., Hsu C.C., Morissey D.J. et al
Physical Review Letters 45 (1980) 1081-1084 [in2p3-00002159 - version 1]
Variation of secondary ion emission yield with atomic concentrations of Fe, Ni, and Cr ternary alloys and oxides: application to the analysis of thin oxide films
Pivin J.C., Roques-Carmes C., Slodzian G.
Journal of Applied Physics 51 (1980) 4158-4163 [in2p3-00002158 - version 1]
Magnetism of ion-implanted nickel hydrides
Traverse A., Kachnowski T., Thome L., Bernas H.
Physical Review B 22 (1980) 4355-4365 [in2p3-00013234 - version 1]
Counting statistics for different dead time distributions
Libert J.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 178 (1980) 613-614 [in2p3-00002126 - version 1]
Radioactive waste storage materials: their alpha -recoil aging
Dran J.C., Maurette M., Petit J.C.
Science 209 (1980) 1518-1520 [in2p3-00001838 - version 1]
Target residues from the reaction of 8 GeV $^(20)$Ne with $^(181)$Ta and $^(197)$Au
Morrissey D.J., Loveland W., de Saint Simon M., Seaborg G.T.
Physical Review C 21 (1980) 1783-1798 [in2p3-00001793 - version 1]
Solar wind radiation damage in lunar dust grains and the characteristics of the ancient solar wind
Borg J., Chaumont J.
Dans The Ancient Sun - Lunar and Planetary Institute Topical Conference on the Ancient Sun, États-Unis [in2p3-00001750 - version 1]