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Influence du moment angulaire sur la largeur des distributions de masse de fission induite par ions lourds. Existe-t-il un troisieme mecanisme entre la fission et les collisions tres inelastiques ?
Hanappe F., Peter J., Tamain B., Lebrun C., Lecolley J.F. et al
Dans Physics And Chemistry Of Fission - vol.1 - International Symposium On Physics And Chemistry Of Fission, Allemagne (1979) [in2p3-00008992 - version 1]
Evidence for the existence of a new oxidation state of Einsteinium: Einsteinium IV
Bouissieres G., Jouniaux B., Legoux Y., Merinis J.
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie C 290 (1980) 381-382 [in2p3-00008990 - version 1]
Emission of few nucleons including only one neutron in the $^(63)$Cu + $^(93)$Nb reaction
Cabot C., Della Negra S., Gauvin H., Delagrange H., Dufour J.P. et al
Physics Letters B 96 (1980) 55-58 [in2p3-00008989 - version 1]
An experimental approach of the friction phenomenon in deep inelastic collisions based on secondary light-particle emission studies
Alexander J., Chiang T.H., Galin J., Gatty B., Guerreau D. et al
Dans Deep-Inelastic and Fusion Reactions with Heavy Ions - Symposium On Deep-Inelastic And Fusion Reactions With Heavy Ions, Allemagne [in2p3-00008986 - version 1]
Accurate determination of Lithium, Boron, Fluorine and Sodium in some matrices using low energy $\alpha$-particles induced $\gamma$-rays
Borderie B., Basutcu M., Barrandon J.N., Pinault J.L.
Journal of Radioanalytical Chemistry 56 (1980) 185-198 [in2p3-00008984 - version 1]
Observation of the radiative transition $\psi \rightarrow \gamma e$(1420)
Scharre D.L., Thrilling G.H., Abrams G.S., Alam M.S., Blocker C.A. et al
Physics Letters B 97 (1980) 329-332 [in2p3-00008963 - version 1]
Observation of the $\eta_c$/(2980) produced in the radiative decay of the $\psi'$(3684)
Himel T.M., Trilling G.H., Abrams G.S., Alam M.S., Blocker C.A. et al
Physical Review Letters 45 (1980) 1146-1149 [in2p3-00008962 - version 1]
A study of dimuon events in 280 gev muon interactions
Aubert J.J., Bassompierre G., Bouard X. D., Broll C., Coignet G. et al
Physics Letters B 94 (1980) 96-100 [in2p3-00008927 - version 1]
A versatile microcomputer for high rate camac data acquisition
Barrelet E., Marbot R., Matricon P.
Dans Real-Time Data Handling and Process Control - European Symposium on Real-Time Data Handling and Process Control 1, Allemagne [in2p3-00008902 - version 1]
Ionization of multiwire proportional chamber gas by double photon absorption
Bourotte J., Sadoulet B.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research 173 (1980) 463-470 [in2p3-00019314 - version 1]