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Correlations at small relative momenta among protons produced in collisions of 1.8 GeV/nucleon $^(40)$Ar with a KCl target
Zarbakhsh F., Sagle A.L., Brochard F., Mulera T.A., Perez-Mendez V. et al
Physical Review Letters 46 (1981) 1268-1270 [in2p3-00019524 - version 1]
Gold l-shell ionization probability by 1 MeV proton at large scattering angles
Andriamonje S., Chemin J.F., Roturier J., Scheurer J.N.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 300 (1981) 31-34 [in2p3-00019521 - version 1]
Energy dependence of transverse momentum invariant distribution of pions and neutral kaons in K$^-$p interactions between 14.3 and 70 GeV/c
Laffaille J.M., Barloutaud R., Louedec C., Dumarchez J., Nguyen H.K. et al
Nuclear Physics B 192 (1981) 18-32 [in2p3-00009354 - version 1]
Spectrum and energy levels of pr3+ in ThBr$_4$
Conway J.G., Krupa J.C., Delamoye P., Genet M.
Journal of Chemical Physics 74 (1981) 849-852 [in2p3-00019504 - version 1]
Low cost molecular ion implantation equipment
Muller J.C., Siffert P.
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research - International Conference On Ion Implantation Equipment And Techniques 3, Canada [in2p3-00019428 - version 1]
Characterization of germanium-doped CDTE crystals
Scharager C., Siffert P., Hoeschl P., Moravec P., Vanecek M.
Physica Status Solidi A 66 (1981) 87-92 [in2p3-00019427 - version 1]
Carbon foil behaviour with I beams
Frick G., Heusch B., Helleboid J.M., Niemeskern A., Wagner P. et al
Dans Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Electrostatic Accelerator Technology - International Conference on Electrostatic Accelerator Technology 3, États-Unis [in2p3-00019410 - version 1]
Spin amplitudes for NN$\rightarrow$N$\delta$
Silbar R.R., Lombard R.J., Kloet W.M.
Dans ICOHEPANS 9 - International Conference On High Energy Physics And Nuclear Structure 9, France [in2p3-00009222 - version 1]
Isobaric intermediate states in proton-nucleus elastic scattering
Auger J.P., Lazard C., Lombard R.J.
Dans ICOHEPANS - International Conference On High Energy Physics And Nuclear Structure, France [in2p3-00009221 - version 1]
Production of f'(1520) in 8.25 GeV/c $K^-p$ interactions
Al-Harran S., Bloodworth I.J., Carney J.N., Cox G.F., Kinson J.B. et al
Nuclear Physics B 191 (1981) 26-38 [in2p3-00009103 - version 1]