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Double K-hole creation accompanying K-electron capture decay of $^(131)$Cs
Isozumi Y., Briancon C., Walen R.J.
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 3078-3090 [in2p3-00001446 - version 1]
Coulomb excitation of high spin states in $^(230)$Th
Lauterbach C., Mittag C., Schandera C., De Boer J., Briancon C. et al
In Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Conferences On Nuclear Physics - Particle Physics, Germany [in2p3-00001445 - version 1]
Masses of Rb, Cs and Fr isotopes
Audi G., Epherre M., Thibault C., Wapstra A.H., Bos K.
Nuclear Physics A 378 (1982) 443-460 [in2p3-00014502 - version 1]
Isotope shifts and hyperfine structure of $^(38-48)$K by laser spectroscopy
Touchard F., Guimbal P., Buettgenbach S., Klapisch R., de Saint Simon M. et al
Physics Letters B 108 (1982) 169-171 [in2p3-00001398 - version 1]
Independent cross sections of Na, K, Rb, Cs and Fr isotopes produced in Ta and U targets bombarded by $^(12)$C ions up to 77 MeV/nucleon
de Saint Simon M., Haan S., Audi G.
Physical Review C 26 (1982) 2447-2457 [in2p3-00014496 - version 1]
Electric quadrupole moments and isotope shifts of radioactive sodium isotopes
Touchard F., Serre J.M., Buettgenbach S., Guimbal P., Klapisch R. et al
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 2756-2770 [in2p3-00001395 - version 1]
fulltext access Caractéristiques électriques de diodes Au-Si(N) réalisées après irradiation par laser
Ponpon J.P., Buttung E., Siffert P.
Revue de Physique Appliquee 17, 10 (1982) 687-692 [jpa-00245046 - version 1]
fulltext access Ground state hyperfine structures of 43K and 44K measured by atomic beam magnetic resonance coupled with laser optical pumping
Duong H.T., Juncar P., Liberman S., Pinard J., Vialle J.L. et al
Journal de Physique 43, 3 (1982) 509-514 [jpa-00209420 - version 1]
fulltext access Magnetic and structural properties of iron-based oxide glasses, Fe 2O3-BaO-B2O3, from 57Fe Mössbauer spectroscopy
Bonnenfant A., Friedt J.M., Maurer M., Sanchez J.P.
Journal de Physique 43, 10 (1982) 1475-1487 [jpa-00209529 - version 1]
fulltext access Microscopic description of rotational spectra including band-mixing. - I. Formulation in a microscopic basis
Brut F., Jang S.
Journal de Physique 43, 11 (1982) 1575-1595 [jpa-00209537 - version 1]