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Fast fission in heavy ion reactions a phenomenon intermediate between compound nucleus formation and deeply inelastic collisions
Peter J., Borderie B., Gardes D., Rivet M.F., Zheng Z. et al
Dans Nuclear Physics Workshop - Nuclear Physics Workshop, Italie [in2p3-00009409 - version 1]
Energy dependence of fusion cross section for $^(28)$Si+$^(12)$C by evaporation residue measurements
Lesko K.T., Lock D., Lazzarini A., Vandenbosch R., Metag V. et al
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 872-880 [in2p3-00009406 - version 1]
Strong coulomb effects on pions produced in heavy ion collisions
Sullivan J.P., Bistirlich J.A., Bowman H.R., Bossingham R., Buttke T. et al
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 1499-1517 [in2p3-00009405 - version 1]
Pions produced near the center-of-mass velocity in heavy-ion collisions
Frankel K.A., Bistirlich J.A., Bossingham R., Bowman H.R., Crowe K.M. et al
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 1102-1104 [in2p3-00009404 - version 1]
Interaction of 4.22-GeV and 7.54-GeV $^(20)$Ne with Cu
Hicks K.H., Ward T.E., Bowman H., Ingersoll J.G., Rasmussen J.O. et al
Physical Review C 26 (1982) 2016-2021 [in2p3-00009403 - version 1]
Fission and deep spallation characteristics in relativistic nuclear collisions
Warwick A.I., Baden A., Gutbrod H.H., Maier M.R., Peter J. et al
Physical Review Letters 48 (1982) 1719-1722 [in2p3-00009402 - version 1]
Nuclear reactions in Rb Sr Y and Zr targets
Regnier S., Lavielle B., Simonoff M., Simonoff G.N.
Physical Review C 26 (1982) 931-943 [in2p3-00019536 - version 1]
Production of Kr and Xe isotopes by interaction of $^(232)$Th with 0.15--24 GeV protons
Sauvageon H., Regnier S., Simonoff G.N.
Physical Review C 25 (1982) 466-477 [in2p3-00019534 - version 1]
Influence of M1 transitions in the decay of residual nuclei after fusion reactions
Villard M.M., Hubert P., Liotta R.J.
Physica Scripta 26 (1982) 201-204 [in2p3-00022371 - version 1]
Measurement of the k-shell ionization probability across a wide resonance: $^(88)$Sr(pp$_0$) at 6.06 MeV
Chemin J., Meyerhof W.E., Anholt R., Molitoris J.D., Stoller C.
Physical Review A: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 26 (1982) 1239-1242 [in2p3-00022377 - version 1]