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High spin states in the transitional odd-odd nuclei $^(150)$Eu and $^(152)$Tb
Barneoud D., Foin C., Pinston J.A., Monnand E.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 314 (1983) 69-80 [in2p3-00007185 - version 1]
Recherche de resonances geantes a haute energie d'excitation par diffusion inelastique de particules $\alpha$
Bonin B., Alamos N., Arvieux J., Berthier B., Bruge G. et al
In Journees d'Etudes Saturne - Journees d'Etudes Saturne 3, France [in2p3-00007183 - version 1]
Mesonic exchange currents and radiative thermal neutron capture by the deuteron
Torre J., Goulard B.
Physical Review C 28 (1983) 529-537 [in2p3-00007182 - version 1]
Application of the multiphonon method to the description of octupole vibrations in even deformed nuclei with 222 $\leq$ A $\leq$ 228
Piepenbring R.
Physical Review C 27 (1983) 2968-2974 [in2p3-00007181 - version 1]
A search for axions at a power reactor
Cavaignac J.F., Hoummada A., Koang D.H., Ost B., Vignon B. et al
Physics Letters B 121 (1983) 193-197 [in2p3-00018217 - version 1]
Fragmentation of giant multipole resonances in deformed nuclei
Jang S.
Nuclear Physics A 401 (1983) 303-328 [in2p3-00007180 - version 1]
Unified description of statistical excitations deformations and charge transfer in a dynamical theory of deep-inelastic heavy-ion collisions
Froebrich P., Strack B., Durand M.
Nuclear Physics A 406 (1983) 557-573 [in2p3-00007179 - version 1]
Etude de la deformation des noyaux de la couche s-d a l'aide de la diffusion de neutrons rapides
Haouat G., Lagrange C., Patin Y., Swiniarski R. D., Dietrich F. et al
In Nuclear data for science and technology - International Conference on Nuclear Data for Science and Technology, Belgium [in2p3-00007178 - version 1]
Study of the 18.30 and 19.40 MeV states in $^(12)$C in intermediate energy proton scattering
Jones K.W., Glashausser C., Nanda S., Swiniarski R. D., Carey T.A. et al
Physics Letters B 128 (1983) 281-284 [in2p3-00007177 - version 1]
Low and intermediate energy nucleus-nucleus elastic scattering and the optical limit of glauber theory
Chauvin J., Lebrun D., Lounis A., Buenerd M.
Physical Review C 28 (1983) 1970-1974 [in2p3-00007176 - version 1]