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Experimental observation of baryonium states through the $\bar p$ annihilation in $^4$He
Tauscher L., Backenstoss G., Pavlopoulos P., Repond J., Troester D. et al
Dans Helvetica Physica Acta - Spring Meeting Of The Swiss Physical Society, Suisse [in2p3-00019596 - version 1]
Conceptual design for a high resolution high rate vertex detector for charm and beauty experiments using scintillating fibre optics
Atkinson M., Crennell D., Fisher C., Kurtz N.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 225 (1984) 1-7 [in2p3-00019589 - version 1]
Gamma-ray spectroscopy of $^(61)$Zn
Thirion J.M., Chouraqui G., Muller T., Port M.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 317 (1984) 329-333 [in2p3-00009517 - version 1]
Random motions at the velocity of light and relativistic quantum mechanics
Petroni N.C., Vigier J.P.
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 17 (1984) 599-608 [in2p3-00009516 - version 1]
Pion-helium elastic scattering at 5 GeV/C
Badelek B., Chevallier M., Faeldt G., Hallgren A.
Physica Scripta 29 (1984) 207-215 [in2p3-00009512 - version 1]
Nuclei far from stability individual and collective excitations at low energy
Meyer M.
Annales de Physique 9 (1984) 791-892 [in2p3-00009510 - version 1]
Experimental evidence for nuclear Landau-Zener effect
Freeman R.M., Beck C., Haas F.
Fizika 16 (1984) 31-34 [in2p3-00019579 - version 1]
Influence of Po3-$_4$ doping on thermal annealing of k$_2$ SEo$_4$ irradiated with thermal neutrons
Duplatre G., Fernandes R.Z.D., Jesus Filho M. D., Machado R.M.
Dans Ciencia e Cultura. Suplemento - Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science 36, Brésil [in2p3-00009471 - version 1]
High energy approximation for nuclear knockout form factors
Amado R.D., Cannata F., Dedonder J.P.
Dans Perspectives In Nuclear Physics At Intermediate Energies - Workshop On Perspectives In Nuclear Physics At Intermediate Energies, Italie [in2p3-00009429 - version 1]
Further experimental evidence for fast fission
Zheng Z., Borderie B., Gardes D., Gauvin H., Rivet M.F. et al
Nuclear Physics A 422 (1984) 447-460 [in2p3-00009428 - version 1]