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Decoupling of the pion at finite temperature and density
Bernard V., Meissner U., Zahed I.
Physical Review D 36 (1987) 819-823 [in2p3-00019326 - version 1]
Properties of the scalar $\sigma$ meson at finite density
Bernard V., Meissner U., Zahed I.
Physical Review Letters 59 (1987) 966-969 [in2p3-00019325 - version 1]
Flavor mixing via dynamical chiral symmetry breaking
Bernard V., Jaffe R.L., Meissner U.G.
Physics Letters B 198 (1987) 92-98 [in2p3-00019324 - version 1]
First results from NA36
Barnes P.D., Blaes R., Braun H., Castano B., Cherney M. et al
Rapport de recherche (1987) 437-442 [in2p3-00008928 - version 1]
Coherent production of rho - mesons in charged current antineutrino-neon interactions in bebc
Marage P., Bertrand D., Sacton J., Aderholz M., Katz U.F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 35 (1987) 275-282 [in2p3-00019310 - version 1]
Recent results obtained at Ganil on limiting temperatures in the fusion of nuclei and the onset of multi-fragmentation
Delagrange H., Peter J.
Dans Journal of Physics A - Symposium On Central Collisions And Fragmentation Processes National Meeting Of The American Chemical Society 193, États-Unis [in2p3-00019306 - version 1]
Study of defects in silicon after low energy h+ implantation by dlts measurements
Krynicki J., Muller J.C., Siffert P., Brylowska I., Paprocki K.
Physica Status Solidi A 100 (1987) 245-249 [in2p3-00019296 - version 1]
Large departures from Landau distributions for high-energy particles traversing thin Si and Ge targets
Bak J.F., Burenkov A., Petersen J.B.B., Uggerhoej E., Moeller S.P. et al
Nuclear Physics B 288 (1987) 681-716 [in2p3-00019295 - version 1]
Single and multiparticle Wigner distributions in inhomogeneous Fermi systems
Durand M., Schuck P., Suraud E., Hasse R.
Dans The physics of phase space - Nonlinear dynamics and chaos, geometric quantization and Wigner Function - 1st International Conference on the Physics of Phase Space, États-Unis [in2p3-00008819 - version 1]
Surface behaviour of the phase-space distribution for heavy nuclei
Durand M.
Dans Intermediate energy nuclear physics - International Conference on High Energy Nuclear Physics, Hongrie [in2p3-00008817 - version 1]