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Abundance and systematics of nuclear superdeformed states; relation to the pseudospin and pseudo-SU(3) symmetries
Dudek J., Nazarewicz W., Szymanski Z., Leander G.A.
Physical Review Letters 59 (1987) 1405-1408 [in2p3-00008117 - version 1]
Pairing correlations in the superdeformed rotational bands: the frequency-deformation scaling
Nazarewicz W., Szymanski Z., Dudek J.
Physics Letters B 196 (1987) 404-408 [in2p3-00008116 - version 1]
Population and decay of the superdeformed rotational band of Dy
Herskind B., Lauritzen B., Schiffer K., Broglia R.A., Barranco F. et al
Physical Review Letters 59 (1987) 2416-2419 [in2p3-00008112 - version 1]
Analysis of the thermal contribution to UV laser-induced oxidation of silicon and silicon monoxide
Fogarassy E., De Unamuno S., Regolini J.L., Fuchs C.
Philosophical Magazine B 55 (1987) 253-260 [in2p3-00018826 - version 1]
Autoionization as an effective decay channel for highly excited states in molecular crystals
Martin P., Klein J., Voltz R.
Physica Scripta 35 (1987) 575-577 [in2p3-00018824 - version 1]
Recombination of charge carriers in anthracene
Martin P., Klein J., Voltz R.
Chemical Physics 112 (1987) 457-462 [in2p3-00018823 - version 1]
Longitudinal distribution of $\pi^(\pm), K^(\pm)$, protons and antiprotons produced in 360 GeV/c $\pi^-p$ interactions
Aguilar-Benitez M., Bailly J.L., Caso C., Castelli E., Checchia P. et al
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 4 (1987) 1261-1266 [in2p3-00018788 - version 1]
Experimental tests for detecting spin polarization pick-up of single-electron $^(19)$F-ions on emergence from magnetized iron
Knopp M., Speidel K.H., Hagelberg F., Simonis H.J., Gerber J. et al
Dans Hyperfine Interactions - International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions and Exhibition 7 Hfi-7, Inde [in2p3-00018711 - version 1]
Attenuations and atomic spin precessions of $\gamma$-angular correlations for Coulomb excited $^(19)$F nuclei in single-electron ions
Knopp M., Speidel K.H., Hagelberg F., Simonis H.J., Tandon P.N. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 4 (1987) 329-334 [in2p3-00018710 - version 1]
Transient field processions and electron polarizations for sulphur ions at high velocity
Simonis H.J., Hagelberg F., Knopp M., Speidel K.H., Karle W. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 7 (1987) 233-237 [in2p3-00018709 - version 1]