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Study of the ionic transport during anodization by nuclear microanalysis and secondary ion mass spectroscopy
Montero I., Pelloie B., Perriere J., Pivin J.C., Albella J.M.
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 136 (1989) 1869-1874 [in2p3-00002041 - version 1]
Effect of hydrogen on high Tc granular superconductors: observation of percolating behaviour
Nicolas M., Daou J.N., Vedel I., Vajda P., Burger J.P. et al
Solid State Communications 66 (1989) 1157-1160 [in2p3-00002022 - version 1]
Medium-energy sputtering of thin films: the approach to percolation
Papandreou N., Nedellec P., Rosenblatt J.
Applied Physics Letters 54 (1989) 537-539 [in2p3-00002012 - version 1]
Determination of output count rate of series arrangement of two dead times of different types
Libert J.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 274 (1989) 319-323 [in2p3-00002011 - version 1]
Percolation-localization crossover in sputtered Pd films
Papandreou N., Nedellec P., Rosenblatt J.
Dans Physica A - International Conference on Electrical Transport and Optical Properties of Inhomogeneous Media 2 ETOPIM 2, France [in2p3-00002010 - version 1]
In situ studies of microstructural changes in YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_(7-x)$/during O and He irradiation
Le Goues F.K., Ruault M.O., Clark G., Bernas H., Gasgnier M.
Philosophical Magazine A 60 (1989) 525-528 [in2p3-00001979 - version 1]
Interaction of 20-100 MeV/u heavy ions with solids and gases
Bimbot R., Gauvin H., Herault J., Anne R., Bastin G. et al
Dans Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids - International Symposium on Swift Heavy Ions in Matter 1, France [in2p3-00001978 - version 1]
Quantification of SIMS on titanium carbides
Brault G., Moncoffre N., Pivin J.C., Rautureau G.
Surface and Interface Analysis 14 (1989) 536-542 [in2p3-00001977 - version 1]
Decay of $^(183)$Au: low-spin states of $^(183)$Pt
Roussiere B., Bourgeois C., Kilcher P., Sauvage J., Porquet M.G.
Nuclear Physics A 504 (1989) 511-528 [in2p3-00013224 - version 1]
Structural and superconducting properties of Pb$_2$Sr$_2$Ln$_(1-x)$Ca$_x$Cu$_3$O$_y$ (Ln=Y, Yb)
Suryanarayanan R., Priftis G., Pankowska H., Gasgnier M., Ruault M.O. et al
Dans Physica C - International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity: High-Temperature Superconductors II, États-Unis [in2p3-00001961 - version 1]