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High-spin states in neutron deficient $^(106)$Sn and $^(108)$Sn isotopes
Azaiez F., Andriamonje S., Chemin J.F., Fidah M., Scheurer J.N. et al
Nuclear Physics A 501 (1989) 401-412 [in2p3-00013156 - version 1]
High-precision - on-line mass measurement of short-lived isotopes using a penning trap
Audi G., Bollen G., Kluge H.J., Kern F., Kunz K. et al
Dans Mass Spectrometry Conference - Mass Spectrometry Conference 11, France [in2p3-00013155 - version 1]
High-fluence implantation in insulators - part II : chemical changes
Dran J.C.
Dans Materials Modification by High-Fluence Ion Beams - Materials Modification by High-Fluence Ion Beams, Portugal [in2p3-00001274 - version 1]
Fields of plastic deformation in indented bilayers: comparison between kinematic calculations and experimental data obtained at scales ranging from one centimetre to ten nanometres
Pivin J.C., Lebouvier D., Pollock H.M., Felder E.
Journal of Physics D 22 (1989) 1443-1450 [in2p3-00001273 - version 1]
Electronic-energy-loss-assisted creep in heavy-ion-irradiated amorphous Fe$_(85)$B$_(15)$
Audouard A., Balanzat E., Jousset J.C., Fuchs G., Lesueur D. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B - Ion Beam Modification of Materials 6, Japon [in2p3-00001271 - version 1]
Electronic properties of ion-implanted metals
Bernas H.
Dans Materials modification by high-fluence ion beams - Nato Advanced Study Institute on Materials Modification by High-Fluence Ion Beams, Portugal [in2p3-00001270 - version 1]
Electronic energy loss-induced effects in Fe$_(85)$B$_(15)$ amorphous: alloys irradiated by high energy heavy ions
Audouard A., Balanzat E., Jousset J.C., Fuchs G., Lesueur D. et al
Dans Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids - Swift Heavy Ions In Matter 1 Shim 89, France [in2p3-00013154 - version 1]
Electron microscopy of the new high Tc superconductor BiCaSrCuO : crystallographic properties between 15 and 1000 $K$
Gasnier M., Ruault M.O.
Materials Science and Engineering B2 (1989) 287-296 [in2p3-00001269 - version 1]
Double blocking in doubly odd deformed nuclei: the case of $^(178)$Re
Kreiner A.J., Vanin V.R., Beck F.A., Bourgeois C., Byrski T. et al
Physical Review C 40 (1989) R487-R490 [in2p3-00013153 - version 1]
Dissolution mechanisms of silicate minerals yielded by intercomparison with glasses and radiation damage studies
Petit J.C., Dran J.C., Della Mea G., Paccagnella A.
Dans Chemical Geology - International Congress of Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry, France [in2p3-00001268 - version 1]