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Analog to digital converter
Berst J.D., Blonde J.P., Fromageat G., Ring C., Wendling L. et al
Dans Nuclear science - medical imaging vol. 1 - Ieee Nuclear Science Symposium, États-Unis [in2p3-00008134 - version 1]
The respiratory tract deposition model proposed by the ICRP task group
James A.C., Stahlhofen W., Rudolf G., Egan M.J., Nixon W. et al
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 38 (1991) 159-165 [in2p3-00018856 - version 1]
Chiral symmetry breaking in the colour dielectric model
Chanfray G., Pirner H.J., Zuk J.A.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 339 (1991) 503-511 [in2p3-00008132 - version 1]
Some comments about the binding interpretation of the EMC effect
Chanfray G.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - European Workshop on Hadronic Physics with Electrons Beyond 10 GeV 2, France [in2p3-00008130 - version 1]
Lamellar versus isotropic structures in dilute phases of fluid membranes
Porte G., Appell J., Bassereau P., Marignan J., Skouri M. et al
Physica A 176 (1991) 168-186 [in2p3-00018839 - version 1]
In-beam magnetization measurements of thin Fe foils and simultaneous observation of the transient magnetic field at Pd ions
Speidel K.H., Cub J., Karle W., Passek F., Reuter U. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 3 (1991) 333-337 [in2p3-00018701 - version 1]
Electron polarization of highly stripped oxygen ions emerging from magnetized iron
Simonis H.-J., Kremeyer S., Hagelberg F., Reuter U., Knopp M. et al
Physics Letters B 254 (1991) 35-39 [in2p3-00018699 - version 1]
Strong perturbation of ferromagnetic solids by heavy ion tracks of transient nature
Speidel K.H., Cub J., Karle W., Passek F., Reuter U. et al
Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements 19 (1991) 963-966 [in2p3-00018698 - version 1]
Evidence for electron orbital dependence of ion-beam induced attenuations of transient magnetic fields
Speidel K.H., Reuter U., Cub J., Karle W., Passek F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 19 (1991) 371-374 [in2p3-00018697 - version 1]
Proceedings 8th international conference on ultrarelativistic nucleus nucleus collisions ,Menton May 7-11 1990
Blaizot J.P., Gerschel C., Pire B., Romana A.
Nuclear Physics A 525 (1991) 1-c-741-c [in2p3-00018426 - version 1]