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Hyperfine magnetic field of Zn in iron
Berkes I., De Jésus M., Hlimi B., Massaq M., Sayouty E.H.
Hyperfine Interactions 75 (1992) 301-306 [in2p3-00013109 - version 1]
Microstructural analyses of amorphic diamond i-C and amorphous carbon
Collins C.B., Davanloo F., Jander D.R., Lee T.J., You J.H. et al
Journal of Applied Physics 72 (1992) 239-245 [in2p3-00000941 - version 1]
Rte measurement with Xe$^(52+)$ ions channeled in a Si crystal
Andriamonje S., Chevallier M., Cohen C., Cue N., Dauvergne D. et al
Physics Letters A 164 (1992) 184-190 [in2p3-00013108 - version 1]
Microscopic treatment of the low lying states in the transitional reflection asymmetric $^(219, 221)$Fr nuclei
Kvasil J., Sheline R.K., Hrivnacova I., Liang C.F., Paris P.
International Journal of Modern Physics E 1 (1992) 845-858 [in2p3-00000940 - version 1]
Microscopic description of quadrupole and octupole modes in the superdeformation region of $^(192)$Hg
Delaroche J.P., Berger J.F., Girod M., Libert J., Deloncle I. et al
In Nuclear shapes and nuclear structure at low excitation energies - Nato Advanced Research Workshop on Nuclear Shapes and Nuclear Structure at Low Excitation Energies, France [in2p3-00000938 - version 1]
Study of short lived bromine isotopes
Prinz J., Berkes I., Herzog P., Hlimi B., De Jésus M. et al
Hyperfine Interactions 75 (1992) 275-282 [in2p3-00013107 - version 1]
Mechanisms of colloid sorption on mineral surfaces: a RBS study
Dran J.C., Moulin V., Petit J.C., Ramsay J.D.F., Russel P. et al
Applied Geochemistry Supp. 1 (1992) 187-191 [in2p3-00000937 - version 1]
Mechanism of electric transport in amorphous diamond film grown by ion bombardment at low energies
Pivin J.C., Lee T.J., Canet R.
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 17 (1992) 359-364 [in2p3-00000936 - version 1]
The oxidation reaction in X-irradiated bis(ethylenediamine) platinum(II ) bis(hydrogen squarate) - a single-crystal EPR study of a platinium(III) complex
Geoffroy M., Bernardinelli G., Castan P., Chermette H., Deguenon D. et al
Inorganic Chemistry 31 (1992) 5056-5060 [in2p3-00014447 - version 1]
Time resolved and time integral on line nuclear orientation measurements of neutron deficient Hg Au Pt Ir nuclei
Romanski I., Berkes I., Brown D.E., De Jésus M., Eder R. et al
Dans Hyperfine Interactions - International Conference on Online Nuclear Orientation : OLNO 2, États-Unis [in2p3-00013106 - version 1]