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Coexistence of collective oblate and superdeformed prolate shapes in $^(196)$Pb
Dagnall P.J., Beausang C.W., Fallon P., Forsyth P.D., Paul E.S. et al
Journal of Physics G: Nuclear and Particle Physics 19 (1993) 465-470 [in2p3-00007597 - version 1]
Classical and quantum study of a generalized kepler-coulom system
Kibler M., Campigotto C.
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 45 (1993) 209-224 [in2p3-00000616 - version 1]
Beta decay of $^(31.32)$Na and $^(31)$Mg: study of the N=20 shell closure
Klotz G., Baumann P., Bounajma M., Huck A., Knipper A. et al
Physical Review C 47 (1993) 2502-2516 [in2p3-00013017 - version 1]
Axial and pseudoscalar nucleon form factors from low energy pion electroproduction
Seonho C., Duval M.A., Elouadrhiri L., Estenne V., Bardin G. et al
Physical Review Letters 71 (1993) 3927-3930 [in2p3-00000615 - version 1]
Characterization of a 2 g lif bolometer
de Marcillac P., Coron N., Leblanc J., Bobin C., Berkes I. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 337 (1993) 95-100 [in2p3-00009610 - version 1]
A semiclassical description of rapidly rotating nuclei
Bencheikh K., Quentin P., Bartel J., Meyer J.
In Nuclear Physics A - International Symposium On Rapidly Rotating Nuclei 21, Japan [in2p3-00014385 - version 1]
Cems study of $^(57)$Fe implantation in nickel
Marest G., Parallada J., Principi G., Tosello C.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 80/81 (1993) 309-312 [in2p3-00013016 - version 1]
A measurement of B meson production and lifetime using DL$^(-)$ events in Z$^0$ decays
Abreu P., Adam W., Adye T., Agasi E., Alekseev G. D. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 57 (1993) 181-195 [in2p3-00001169 - version 1]
fulltext access Numerical model of transient thermal effects in high power optical resonators
Hello P., Vinet J.-Y.
Journal de Physique I 3, 3 (1993) 717-732 [jpa-00246752 - version 1]
fulltext access Inhomogeneous magnesium hydride synthesized by low temperature ion implantation: weak localization effect
Nédellec P., Dumoulin L., Burger J., Bernas H., Köstler H. et al
Journal de Physique I 3, 11 (1993) 2285-2297 [jpa-00246868 - version 1]