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State-Selective Electron Capture in Low Velocity Multiply Charged Ion, Helium Collisions
Cassimi A., Duponchel S., Flechard X., Jardin P., Sortais P. et al
Physical Review Letters 76 (1996) 3679-3682 [in2p3-00651962 - version 1]
Unexpected properties of the scissors mode in the odd-mass nucleus 167Er
Schlegel C., von Neumann-Cosel P., Richter A., Van Isacker P.
Physics Letters B 375 (1996) 21-25 [in2p3-00651950 - version 1]
Origin of slow, heavy residues observed in dissipative 197Au+86Kr collisions at E/A=35 MeV
Skulski W., Djerroud B., Agnihotri D.K., Baldwin S.P., Tõke J. et al
Physical Review C 53 (1996) R2594-R2597 [in2p3-00651942 - version 1]
Orbiting features in the strongly damped binary decay of the 28Si + 16O systems
Oliveira J.M., Lépine-Szily A., Villari A.C.C., Lichtenthäler R., C. Gomes L. et al
Physical Review C 53 (1996) 2926-2932 [in2p3-00651935 - version 1]
Elastic scattering of the 6He and its analysis within a four-body eikonal model
Al-Khalili J.S., Cortina-Gil M.D., Roussel-Chomaz P., Alamanos N., Barrette J. et al
Physics Letters B 378 (1996) 45-49 [in2p3-00651931 - version 1]
A fast position sensitive microchannel plate detector for ray-tracing of charged particles
Odland O.H., Mittig W., Lépine-Szily A., Fremont G., Chartier M. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 378 (1996) 149-154 [in2p3-00651926 - version 1]
Quasielastic scattering of 9Li on 12C
Zahar M., Belbot M., Kolata J.J., Lamkin K., Morrissey D.J. et al
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 1262-1266 [in2p3-00651921 - version 1]
Multiplicity distributions in binary fragmenting with inhibition at the transition line
Botet R., Ploszajczak M.
Physical Review E 54 (1996) 3320-3333 [in2p3-00650891 - version 1]
Validity of stochastic mean field simulations of classical liquid-gas decomposition
Jacquot B., Guarnera A., Chomaz P., Colonna M.
Physics Letters B 386 (1996) 23-28 [in2p3-00650883 - version 1]
Comment on ''Analysis of hard two-photon correlations measured in heavy-ion reactions at intermediate energies''
Marqués F.M., Martínez G., Matulewicz T., W. Ostendorf R., Schutz Y.
Physical Review C 54 (1996) 2783-2785 [in2p3-00650755 - version 1]