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fulltext accessible on an other server New Measurement and Analysis of the $^7$Be(p,$\gamma)^8$B Cross Section
Hammache F., Bogaert G., Aguer P., Angulo C., Barhoumi S. et al
Physical Review Letters 80 (1998) 928-931 [in2p3-00000228 - version 1]
High-spin nuclear states and persistent currents in mesoscopic rings
Mikhailov I.N., Quentin P.
European Physical Journal A 1 (1998) 229-234 [in2p3-00000053 - version 1]
Exotic Nuclei Produced by Heavy-Ions Induced Fission
Porquet M.G., Deloncle I., Minkova A., Wilson A.N., Gall B.J.P. et al
In Heavy Ion Physics - ENS'97 International Symposium on Exotic Nuclear Shapes, Hungary [in2p3-00000052 - version 1]
fulltext access Direct determination of two-pion correlations for $\overline(p)p \to 2\pi^(+)2\pi^(-)$ annihilation at rest
Angelopoulos A., Apostolakis A., Aslanides E., Backenstoss G., Behnke O. et al
European Physical Journal C 1 (1998) 139-148 [in2p3-00002403 - version 1]
Formation of metallic nanophases in silica by ion-beam mixing - Part I: Mixing mechanisms
Thome L., Jagielski J., Rizza G., Garrido F., Pivin J.C.
Applied Physics A: Materials Science and Processing 66 (1998) 327-334 [in2p3-00000050 - version 1]
Octupole deformation in $^(226)$Th
Liang C.F., Paris P., Sheline R.K., Trubert D., Le Naour C. et al
Physical Review C 57 (1998) 1145-1150 [in2p3-00000226 - version 1]
Lifetime measurements of yrast and excited superdeformed bands in $^(192,193)$Hg
Busse B.C., Fallon P., Krucken R., Ackermann D., Ahmad I. et al
Physical Review C 57 (1998) R1017-R1021 [in2p3-00000225 - version 1]
The birth of nuclear physics
Radvanyi P.
In Ou en est la physique nucleaire apres 100 ans d'existence? Trends in nuclear physics 100 years later - Les Houches Ecole d'Ete de Physique Theorique 66, France [in2p3-00014289 - version 1]
First evidence for a charm radial excitation, $D^(\star)$'
Abreu P., Adam W., Adye T., Adzic P., Ajinenko I. et al
Physics Letters B 426 (1998) 231-242 [in2p3-00003431 - version 1]
fulltext access Search for a new gauge boson in $\pi^(0)$ decays
Altegoer J., Astier P., Autiero D., Baldisseri A., Baldo-Ceolin M. et al
Physics Letters B 428 (1998) 197-205 [in2p3-00000049 - version 1]