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fulltext access Search for Supersymmetry with a dominant R-Parity violating $LQ\overline(D)$ Coupling in $e^+ e^-$ Collisions at centre-of-mass energies of 130 GeV to 172 GeV
Barate R., Jezequel S., Fernandez E., Grauges E., Martinez M. et al
European Physical Journal C 7 (1999) 383-405 [in2p3-00003561 - version 1]
fulltext access Determination of $\mid V_(ub) \mid$ from the Measurement of the Inclusive Charmless Semileptonic Branching Ratio of b hadrons
Barate R., Buskulic D., Decamp D., Ghez P., Goy C. et al
European Physical Journal C 6 (1999) 555-574 [in2p3-00003469 - version 1]
Strength distribution of $\gamma$-transitions deexciting superdeformed rotational bands
Lopez-Martens A.P., Dossing T., Khoo T.L., Korichi A., Hannachi F. et al
Nuclear Physics A 647 (1999) 217-245 [in2p3-00013133 - version 1]
First determination of W$^(\pm)$ polarization states in $e^+e^-$ collisions
Ajaltouni Z. J., Chazelle G., Falvard A., Jousset J., Perret P.
Rapport de recherche (1999) 1-14 [in2p3-00003577 - version 1]
fulltext access Measurement of Inclusive $\rho^(0), f_(0)(980), f_(2)(1270), K^(*0)_(2)(1430)$ and $f^(')_(2)(1525)$ Production in Z$^0$ Decays
Abreu P., Adam W., Adye T., Adzic P., Ajinenko I. et al
Physics Letters B 449 (1999) 364-382 [in2p3-00003501 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server The Scale Dependence of the Hadron Multiplicity in Quark and Gluon Jets and a Precise Determination of $(\rm C_A/C_F)$
Abreu P., Adam W., Adye T., Adzic P., Ajinenko I. et al
Physics Letters B 449 (1999) 383-400 [in2p3-00001168 - version 1]
Determination of quark-antiquark potentials and meson spectra
Semay C., Silvestre-Brac B.
Nuclear Physics A 647 (1999) 72-96 [in2p3-00000927 - version 1]
Semi-empirical systematics of (n,$\alpha$) cross sections for 14.5 MeV neutrons
Belgaid M., Asghar M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 149 (1999) 383-389 [in2p3-00000926 - version 1]
Perturbative QCD study of the polarized structure function g$_1$ at next-to-leading-order
Incerti S., Sabatie F.
Rapport de recherche (1999) 1-38 [in2p3-00010783 - version 1]
fulltext access Measurement of the $e^+ e^- \to Z \to b\overline(b)$ forward-backward asymmetry and the $B^(0)\overline(B)^0$ mixing parameter using prompt leptons
Acciarri M., Achard P., Adriani O., Aguilar-Benitez M., Alcaraz J. et al
Physics Letters B 448 (1999) 152-162 [in2p3-00003513 - version 1]