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Vaporization and multifragmentation in the reaction 1.2 GeV p + Cu and Ag
Pienkowski L., Bohne W., von Egidy T., Figuera P., Galin J. et al
Physics Letters B B472 (2000) 15-20 [in2p3-00003958 - version 1]
fulltext access Search for Charginos and Neutralinos in $e^+ e^-$ collisions at $\sqrt(s)$ = 189 GeV
Acciarri M., Achard P., Adriani O., Aguilar-Benitez M., Alcaraz J. et al
Physics Letters B 472 (2000) 420-433 [in2p3-00009664 - version 1]
Measurement of the energy dependence of the form factor $f_+$ in K$^0_(e3)$ decay
Apostolakis A., Aslanides E., Backenstoss G., Bargassa P., Behnke O. et al
Physics Letters B 473 (2000) 186-192 [in2p3-00009684 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Low-lying 2$^+$ states in neutron-rich oxygen isotopes in quasiparticle random phase approximation
Khan E., Van Giai N.
Physics Letters B 472 (2000) 253-257 [in2p3-00009676 - version 1]
Towards a unified Monte-Carlo for B meson decay simulations.
Ajaltouni Z. J., Breton V., Falvard A., Perret P.
Rapport de recherche (2000) 1-11 [in2p3-00014912 - version 1]
Surface multifragmentation investigated with a finite temperature spherical TDHF model
Ighezou F., Ngo H., Ngo C.
Nuclear Physics A 662 (2000) 295-316 [in2p3-00003954 - version 1]
High voltage distributor system for the Tile Hadron Calorimeter of the ATLAS detector
Chadelas R., Fayard C., Grenier P., Lambert D., Lentignac R. et al
Rapport de recherche (2000) 1-93 [in2p3-00003953 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Study of intermediate velocity products in the Ar+Ni collisions between 52 and 95 A.MeV
Lefort T., Dore D., Cussol D., Ma Y.G., Peter J. et al
Nuclear Physics A 662 (2000) 397-422 [in2p3-00003952 - version 1]
Site-selective spectroscopy and crystal field analysis of Cm$^(3+)$ diluted in CsCdBr$_3$
Illemassene M., Edelstein N.M., Murdoch K.M., Karbowiak M., Cavellec R. et al
Journal of Luminescence 86 (2000) 45-60 [in2p3-00003951 - version 1]
Subgap optical absorption and recombination center efficiency in bulk GaAs irradiated by light or heavy ions
Mangeney J., Lopez J., Stelmakh N., Lourtioz J.M., Oudar J.L. et al
Applied Physics Letters 76 (2000) 40-42 [in2p3-00003944 - version 1]