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Comparison between exact and approximate treatments of the pairing interaction for finite Fermi systems
Dukelsky J., Dussel G.G., Hirsch J.G., Schuck P.
Nuclear Physics A 714 (2003) 63-74 [in2p3-00019994 - version 1]
Minimono: an ultracompact permanent magnet ions source for singly charged ions
Gaubert G., Baru C., Canet C., Cornell J., Dupuis M. et al
Review of Scientific Instruments 74 (2003) 956-960 [in2p3-00012563 - version 1]
$\phi$ production in Pb-Pb collisions at 158 GeV/c per nucleon incident momentum
Alessandro B., Alexa C., Arnaldi R., Astruc J., Atayan M. et al
Physics Letters B 555 (2003) 147-155 [in2p3-00013711 - version 1]
fulltext access Experimental study of a preshower module and its readout system - Testbeam and testbench results
Ajaltouni Z. J., Bohner G., Bonnefoy R., Carloganu C., Cornat R. et al
Rapport de recherche (2003) 1-33 [in2p3-00019993 - version 1]
Doit-on croire au Big Bang?
Bouquet A.
(2003) 5-62 [in2p3-00012552 - version 1]
256-anode channel plate device for simultaneous ion detection in time of flight measurements
Bouneau S., Cohen P., Della Negra S., Jacquet D., Le Beyec Y. et al
Review of Scientific Instruments 74 (2003) 57-67 [in2p3-00019992 - version 1]
Maximally aligned states in $^(99)$Ag
Sohler D., Dombradi Z., Blomqvist J., Cederkaell J., Huijnen J. et al
European Physical Journal A 16 (2003) 171-175 [in2p3-00012550 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server On the asymmetry of Gamow-Teller $\beta$-decay rates in mirror nuclei in relation with second-class currents
Smirnova N.A., Volpe C.
Nuclear Physics A 714 (2003) 441-462 [in2p3-00012546 - version 1]
fulltext access Manufacturing effect on the location of zinc used as a doping in hydroxyapatite biomaterial
Chassot E., Guibert G., Irigaray J.-L., Bernache-Assollant D., Curis E. et al
Dans Proceedings ESB 2002 - European Conference on Biomaterials 17, Espagne [in2p3-00012523 - version 1]
fulltext access Contamination and oxydation degre of metallic elements in periprosthetic tissues
Chassot E., Guibert G., Irigaray J.-L., Benazeth S., Curis E. et al
Dans Proceedings of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering IFBME 2002 - European Medical and Biological Engineering Conference 2, Autriche [in2p3-00012522 - version 1]