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fulltext accessible on an other server Search for Gravitational Waves from Low Mass Compact Binary Coalescence in LIGO's Sixth Science Run and Virgo's Science Runs 2 and 3
Abadie J.-P., Abbott B.P., Abbott R., Abbott T.D., Abernathy M. et al
Physical Review D 85 (2012) 082002 [in2p3-00689778 - version 1]
Virgo: a laser interferometer to detect gravitational waves
Accadia T., Acernese F., Alshourbagy M., Amico P., Antonucci F. et al
Journal of Instrumentation 7 (2012) P03012 [in2p3-00689749 - version 1]
243Am neutron-induced fission cross section in the fast neutron energy range
Kessedjian G., Barreau G., Aïche M., Jurado B., Bidaud A. et al
Physical Review C 85 (2012) 044613 [in2p3-00689739 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurements of $D^(0)$ and $D^(*)$ Production in $p$ + $p$ Collisions at $\sqrt(s)$ = 200 GeV
Adamczyk L., Agakishiev G., Aggarwal M.M., Ahammed Z., Alakhverdyants A.V. et al
Physical Review D 86 (2012) 072013 [in2p3-00689732 - version 1]
fulltext access Surface blistering and flaking of sintered uranium dioxide samples under high dose gas implantation and annealing
Martin G., Carlot G., Desgardin P., Vayer M., Ramboz C. et al
Dans Defects and Diffusion Forum - Defects and Diffusion Forum, France (2012) [insu-00689540 - version 1]
Femtoscopy within a hydrodynamic approach based on flux tube initial conditions
Werner K.
Physics of Particles and Nuclei Letters / PisВ'ma v Zhurnal Fizika Elementarnykh Chastits i Atomnogo Yadra 9 (2012) 244-247 [in2p3-00689455 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Measurement of Branching Fractions and Rate Asymmetries in the Rare Decays B -> K(*) l+ l-
P. Lees J., Poireau V., Tisserand V., Bernard D., Verderi M. et al
Physical Review D 86 (2012) 032012 [in2p3-00689369 - version 1]
Results from polarized experiments at LEGS and GRAAL
D'Angelo A., Ardashev K., Bade C., Bartalini O., Bellini V. et al
Dans AIP Conference Proceedings - 8th International workshop on the Physics of Excited Nucleon (NSTAR 2011), États-Unis (2011) [in2p3-00688954 - version 1]
Neutron-induced fission cross section of 245Cm: New results from data taken at the time-of-flight facility n_TOF
Calviani M., H. Meaze M., Colonna N., Praena J., Abbondanno U. et al
Physical Review C 85 (2012) 034616 [in2p3-00688969 - version 1]
Detector positioning for the initial subcriticality level determination in Accelerator-Driven Systems
Uyttenhove W., Van Den Eynde G., Baeten P., Kochetkov A., Vittiglio G. et al
Dans PHYSOR 2012 Advances in Reactor Physics - Physics in Reactors Topical Meeting (PHYSOR 2012), États-Unis (2012) [in2p3-00688596 - version 1]