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Liquides ioniques : études fondamentales et appliquées bilan 2004
Billard I., Gaillard C., Ouadi A., Mekki S., Hesemann P. et al
Journées annuelles PARIS, France [in2p3-00170310 - version 1]
Thermal diffusion of chlorine in uranium dioxide
Pipon Y., Toulhoat N., Moncoffre N., Jaffrézic H., Gavarini S. et al
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145773 - version 1]
Theoretical first step towards an understanding of the uranyl ion sorption on the rutile $TiO_2$(110) face: A DFT periodic and cluster study
Perron H., Domain C., Roques J., Drot R., Simoni E. et al
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145732 - version 1]
Leaching of zirconolite ceramics under $H^+$ and $He^(2+)$ irradiation
Tribet M., Gavarini S., Toulhoat N., Moncoffre N., Chevarier A. et al
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France (2005) [in2p3-00145729 - version 1]
Oxidation and dissolution rates of $UO_2$(s) in carbonate-rich solutions under external alpha irradiation and initially reducing conditions
Suzuki T., Abdelouas A., Grambow B., Mennecart T., Blondiaux G.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145726 - version 1]
Correlation between X-ray chemical shift and partial charge in Tc(IV) complexes: Determination of Tc partial charge in $Tc_nO_y^((4n-2y)+)$
Poineau F., Fattahi M., Grambow B.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145544 - version 1]
Coprecipitation of thorium and lanthanum with $UO_(2+x)$(s) as host phase
Rousseau G., Fattahi M., Grambow B., Boucher F., Ouvrard G.
Dans Radiochimica Acta - Migration, France [in2p3-00145542 - version 1]
fulltext access Synthesis and characterization of thorium-bearing britholites
Terra O., Audubert F., Dacheux N., Guy C., Podor R.
Journal of Nuclear Materials 354 (2006) 49-65 [in2p3-00119645 - version 1]
fulltext access Separation and determination of some carboxylic acids by capillary electrophoresis
Sladkov V., Fourest B.
[in2p3-00118078 - version 1] (04/12/2006)
Optical properties of Cm(III) in crystals and solutions and their application to Cm(III) speciation
Edelstein N.M., Klenze R., Fanghänel T., Hubert S.
Coordination Chemistry Reviews 250 (2006) 948-973 [in2p3-00118067 - version 1]