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fulltext access Effets dimensionnels dans un système désordonné au voisinage de la Transition Supraconducteur-Isolant
Marrache-Kikuchi C.
Université Paris Sud - Paris XI (10/01/2014), Pascal Simon (Pr.) [tel-00929767 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Destruction of superconductivity in disordered materials : a dimensional crossover
Crauste O., Couëdo F., Bergé L., Marrache-Kikuchi C.A., Dumoulin L.
[in2p3-01068379 - version 1] (25/09/2014)
Oxide dispersion strengthened ferritic steels: a basic research joint program in France
Boutard J.-L., Badjeck V., Barguet L., Barouh C., Bhattacharya A. et al
Dans Journal of nuclear Materials - Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM-16), Chine (2013) [in2p3-01067282 - version 1]
Chromium enrichment on the habit plane of dislocation loops in ion-irradiated high-purity Fe-Cr alloys
Bhattacharya A., Meslin E., Henry J., Pareige C., Décamps B. et al
Acta Materialia 78 (2014) 394-403 [in2p3-01066994 - version 1]
Momentum-resolved hidden-order gap reveals symmetry breaking and origin of entropy loss in URu2Si2
Bareille C., L. Boariu F., Schwab H., Lejay P., Reinert F. et al
Nature Communications 5 (2014) 4326 [in2p3-01064653 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Pairing correlations of cold atoms at overflow in a double-harmonic trap
Pastore A., Schuck P., Urban M., Viñas X., Margueron J.
[in2p3-01065511 - version 1] (18/09/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Polarized Fermi gases at finite temperature in the BCS-BEC crossover
Pantel P.A., Davesne D., Urban M.
[in2p3-01065508 - version 1] (18/09/2014)
Intervalley Scattering of Hot Electrons in Germanium at Millikelvin Temperatures
Broniatowski A.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 176 (2014) 860-869 [in2p3-01061853 - version 1]
Hot Carrier Trapping in High-Purity and Doped Germanium Crystals at Millikelvin Temperatures
C. Piro M., Broniatowski A., Marnieros S., Dumoulin L., Olivieri E.
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 176 (2014) 796-801 [in2p3-01061712 - version 1]
First CUORE-0 Performance Results and Status of CUORE Experiment
Canonica L., R. Artusa D., T. Avignone Iii F., Azzolini O., Balata M. et al
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 176 (2014) 986-994 [in2p3-01061198 - version 1]