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In situ growth and coalescence of He-filled bi-dimensional defects in Si by H supply
Vallet M., F. Barbot J., Oliviero E., E. Donnelly S., A Hinks J. et al
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (2014) 223515 [in2p3-01057683 - version 1]
In-situ TEM observation of nano-void formation in UO2 under irradiation
Sabathier C., Martin G., Michel A., Carlot G., Maillard S. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms - 17th International Conference on Radiation Effects in Insulators (REI), Finlande (2013) [in2p3-01057436 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Universality of spin-relaxation for spin 1/2 particles diffusing over magnetic field inhomogeneities in the adiabatic regime
Guigue M., Golub R., Pignol G., Petukhov A.K.
Physical Review A 90 (2014) 013407 [in2p3-01054525 - version 1]
Charge transfer complexes and radical cation salts of chiral methylated organosulfur donors
Yang S., Pop F., Melan C., C. Brooks A., Martin L. et al
CrystEngComm 16 (2014) 3906-3916 [hal-01048740 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Occupation numbers in strongly polarized Fermi gases and the Luttinger theorem
Urban M., Schuck P.
[in2p3-01023174 - version 1] (11/07/2014)
fulltext accessible on an other server Non-Markovian dynamics with fermions
Sargsyan V.V., Adamian G.G., Antonenko N.V., Lacroix D.
[in2p3-01012011 - version 1] (25/06/2014)
Preparation of molybdenum target by centrifugal method
Durnez A., Petitbon-Thevenet V., Fortuna F.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 299 (2014) 1149-1154 [in2p3-00985716 - version 1]
On the peculiar deformation mechanism of ion-induced texture rotation in thin films
Seita M., S. Sologubenko A., Fortuna F., J. Suess M., Spolenak R.
Acta Materialia 64 (2014) 297-306 [in2p3-00985705 - version 1]
Filiform corrosion of aluminium alloys after a phosphate treatment
Thomé T., Martinez S., Czechowski C., Thomé L., P. Debovea J. et al
Surface and Interface Analysis 46 (2014) 157-163 [in2p3-00985698 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Ultrafast dynamics of finite Hubbard clusters - a stochastic mean-field approach
Lacroix D., Hermanns S., Hinz C.M., Bonitz M.
[in2p3-00978381 - version 1] (14/04/2014)