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Radiation damage in multiphase ceramics
Men D., Patel M.K., Usov I.O., Toiammou M., Monnet I. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 443 (2013) 120-127 [in2p3-00926781 - version 1]
High spatial resolution Raman thermometry analysis of TiO2 microparticles
Lundt N., T. Kelly S., Rodel T., Remez B., M. Schwartzberg A. et al
Review of Scientific Instruments 84 (2013) 104906 [in2p3-00920378 - version 1]
In situ X-ray diffraction study of the growth of silver nanoparticles embedded in silica film by ion irradiation: The effect of volume fraction
Singh F., K. Gautam S., K. Kulriya P., Pivin J.C.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 311 (2013) 5-9 [in2p3-00912715 - version 1]
Soft X-Ray Magneto-Optics: Probing Magnetism by Resonant Scattering Experiments
Spezzani C., Popescu H., Fortuna F., Delaunay R., Breitwieser R. et al
In IEE Transactions on Magnetics - 10th Latin American Workshop on Magnetism, Magnetic Materials and their Applications (LAW3M), Argentina (2013) [in2p3-00912674 - version 1]
Single- and dual-beam in situ irradiations of high-purity iron in a transmission electron microscope: Effects of heavy ion irradiation and helium injection
Brimbal D., Decamps B., Henry J., Meslin E., Barbu A.
Acta Materialia article in press (2013) [in2p3-00911723 - version 1]
Study of temperature and radiation induced microstructural changes in Xe-implanted UO2 by TEM, STEM, SIMS and positron spectroscopy
Djourelov N., Marchand B., Marinov H., Moncoffre N., Pipon Y. et al
Journal of Nuclear Materials 443, 1-3 (2013) 562-569 [hal-00881212 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Bound state techniques to solve the multiparticle scattering problem
Carbonell J., Deltuva A., Fonseca A.C., Lazauskas R.
Progress in Particle and Nuclear Physics 74 (2013) 55-80 [in2p3-00877294 - version 1]
fulltext accessible on an other server Damping of the quadrupole mode in a two-dimensional Fermi gas: an unsolved puzzle
Chiacchiera S., Davesne D., Enss T., Urban M.
Physical Review A 88 (2013) 053616 [in2p3-00867546 - version 1]
Xenon migration in UO2 under irradiation studied by SIMS profilometry
Marchand B., Moncoffre N., Pipon Y., Bererd N., Garnier C. et al
In Journal of Nuclear Materials - NuMat 2012: The Nuclear Materials Conference, Japan (2012) [in2p3-00861210 - version 1]
Influence of the Oxygen content on the thermal migration of Xenon in ZrCxO1−x
Pipon Y., Toulhoat N., Moncoffre N., Gutierrez G., Maitre A. et al
Dans Journal of Nuclear Materials - NuMat 2012: The Nuclear Materials Conference, Japon (2012) [in2p3-00861209 - version 1]