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Study of the decay of spin-isospin modes in the $\Delta$ region with a 4$\pi$ detector
Hennino T.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - PANIC 12 International Conference on Particles and Nuclei 12, États-Unis [in2p3-00016219 - version 1]
Mesure des parametres de melange des mesons beaux dans l'experience Aleph au Lep
Deschizeaux B.
Université de Savoie (1991) [in2p3-00007812 - version 1]
Forward produced hadrons in mu p and mu d scattering and investigation of the charge structure of the nucleon
Ashman J. G., Badelek B., Baum G., Beaufays J., Bee C. P. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 52 (1991) 361-387 [in2p3-00007810 - version 1]
Comparison of forward hadrons produced in muon interactions on nuclear targets and deuterium
Ashman J. G., Badelek B., Baum G., Beaufays J., Bee C. P. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 52 (1991) 1-11 [in2p3-00007809 - version 1]
J/$\Psi$ electroproduction with electrons above 10 GeV
Breton V., Martin C.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - European Workshop on Hadronic Physics with Electrons beyond 10 GeV, France [in2p3-00004870 - version 1]
Recognition of decays of charged tracks with neural network techniques
Stimpfl-Abele G.
Computer Physics Communications 67 (1991) 183-192 [in2p3-00004869 - version 1]
Deuteron production in $\alpha$-nucleus collisions from 200 to 800 MeV per nucleon
Montarou G., Alard J.-P., Augerat J., Fraysse L., Parizet M.J. et al
Physical Review C 44 (1991) 365-383 [in2p3-00004868 - version 1]
Higher order qcd effects and particle density in full phase space from high pt interactions at the isr
Breakstone A., Buchanan C.D., Campanini R., Crawley H.B., Cuffiani M. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 52 (1991) 551-557 [in2p3-00015910 - version 1]
Tau polarization measurement in the $\tau \rightarrow \pi\nu$ channel
Zomer F.
Dans Tau lepton physics - Workshop on tau lepton physics, France [in2p3-00015579 - version 1]
Measurement of the W mass with UA2
Unal G.
Dans '91 electroweak interactions and unified theories - Rencontre de Moriond 26, France [in2p3-00020762 - version 1]