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Study of the $^(16)$O($^(16)$O, $^(12)$C)$^(20)$Ne reaction mechanism by polarization measurements
Pougheon F., Roussel P., Bernas M., Diaf F., Fabbro B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 325 (1979) 481-509 [in2p3-00016836 - version 1]
Mechanism of the $^(26)$Mg($^(18)$O,$^(16)$O)$^(28)$Mg reaction at $E_(18)$O = 50 MeV and the energy levels of $^(28)$Mg
Bernas M., Roy-Stephan M., Pougheon F., Langevin M., Rotbard G. et al
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 2246-2258 [in2p3-00016828 - version 1]
Differential cross sections for radiative capture of energetic protons by $^(110)$Cd and $^(115)$In
Rigaud F., Petit G.Y., Dalmas J., Irigaray J.L., Suffert M. et al
Nuclear Physics A 326 (1979) 26-36 [in2p3-00021054 - version 1]
$\pi^(\pm)$-deuteron differential elastic scattering cross section at 47 MeV
Balestri B., Bertin P.Y., Coupat B.
Dans Meson-Nuclear Physics-1979 - International Conference on Meson-Nuclear Physics. 2, États-Unis [in2p3-00007823 - version 1]
On the A comparison between Lanczos and Householder methods
Sau J., Heyde K.
Journal of Physics G 5 (1979) 1643-1647 [in2p3-00016256 - version 1]
Extended-skyrme-force calculation: theoretical description and application to Ca and Sn isotopes
Waroquier M., Sau J., Heyde K., Van Isacker P., Vincx H.
Physical Review C 19 (1979) 1983-2001 [in2p3-00013484 - version 1]
Use of Coulomb excitation by heavy ions $^(35)$Cl 55 MeV) for analytical purposes: possibilities and quantitative analysis
Borderie B., Barrandon J.N., Delaunay B., Basutcu M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 163 (1979) 441-451 [in2p3-00013451 - version 1]
Hyperfine spectroscopy of radioactive alkali isotopes
Liberman S., Pinard J., Duong H.T., Juncar P., Vialle J.L. et al
Dans Laser Spectroscopy - International Conference on Laser Spectroscopy 4, Allemagne [in2p3-00004250 - version 1]
Lifetimes of high-spin yrast states in $^(154)$Er
Aguer P., Bastin G., Thibaud J.P., Charmant A., Hubert P. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Spring Meeting of the Dpg Nnv Dfs and Bnv-Sbp, Belgique [in2p3-00013365 - version 1]
The third particle in deep inelastic collisions
Billerey R., Cerruti C., Chevarier A., Chevarier N., Cheynis B. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 292 (1979) 293-299 [in2p3-00013356 - version 1]