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Thermal neutron induced charged particle reactions in radioactive targets of $^(37)$Ar $^(109)$Cd $^(125)$Xe $^(127)$Xe and $^(132)$Cs
Asghar M., Emsallem A., Hagberg E., Jonson B., Tidemand-Petersson P.
Zeitschrift für Physik A 288 (1978) 45-48 [in2p3-00009232 - version 1]
Angular distribution of the $^(20)$Ne polarization in the $^(16)$O($^(16)$O,$^(12)$C)$^(20)$Ne $\alpha$ transfer reaction
Diaf F., Pougheon F., Roussel P., Bernas M., Naulin F. et al
In Clustering Aspects Of Nuclear Structure And Nuclear Reactions - Conference On Clustering Aspects Of Nuclear Structure And Nuclear Reactions 3, Canada [in2p3-00009228 - version 1]
Coincidence study of the deep inelastic collisions in the $^(40)$Ar+$^(58)$Ni system at 280 MeV
Babinet R., Cauvin B., Girard J., Nifenecker H., Gatty B. et al
Nuclear Physics A 296 (1978) 160-176 [in2p3-00019382 - version 1]
High spin states of $^(66)$Ga
Morand C., Agard M., Bruandet J.F., Dauchy A., Giorni A. et al
Nuclear Physics A 308 (1978) 103-124 [in2p3-00009156 - version 1]
Heavy-ion inelastic scattering to giant resonances
Buenerd M., Lebrun D., Chauvin J., Gaillard Y., Loiseaux J.M. et al
Physical Review Letters 40 (1978) 1482-1485 [in2p3-00008840 - version 1]
Energy dependence of peripheral reactions induced by heavy ions
Gelbke C.K., Olmer C., Buenerd M., Hendrie D.L., Mahoney J. et al
Physics Reports 42 (1978) 311-358 [in2p3-00008839 - version 1]
Energy dependence of elastic scattering and one-nucleon transfer reactions induced by $^(16)$O on $^(208)$Pb. ii
Olmer C., Mermaz M., Buenerd M., Gelbke C.K., Hendrie D.L. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 205-222 [in2p3-00008838 - version 1]
Study of Goldhaber effect
Weill R., Gailloud M., Jacot P., Braun H., Fridman A. et al
Dans Proceedings of the IV European Antiproton Symposium - Vol. II - European Antiproton Symposium 4, France [in2p3-00018925 - version 1]
HFI studies on reaction products implanted into ferromagnetic materials
Bozek B., Hrynkiewicz A.Z., Gehringer C., Merdinger J.C., Vivien J.P.
Dans Hyperfine Interactions - International Conference on Hyperfine Interactions 4, États-Unis [in2p3-00008147 - version 1]
Study of the E$_(CM)$ = 12.8 MeV resonance in the $^(12)$C + $^(16)$O system via the $^(8)$Be + $^(20)$Ne exit channel
Disdier D., Haas B., Lee S.M., Merdinger J.C., Rauch V. et al
Dans AIP Conference Proceedings - Conference on Clustering Aspects of Nuclear Structure and Nuclear Reactions 3, Canada [in2p3-00008146 - version 1]