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The contribution of second-order processes to ($^3$He, n) calculations
Brissaud I.
Journal of Physics G 4 (1978) L87-L91 [in2p3-00017211 - version 1]
Search for analogs of isovector resonances excited by the ($3$He, t) charge exchange reaction at 80 MeV
Willis A., Ovazza D., Morlet M., Marty N., Martin P.
In Journal of the Physical Society of Japan - International Conference on Nuclear Structure, Japan [in2p3-00017182 - version 1]
Klm multiionization states of fast projectiles in solid targets deduced from spectroscopic data
Chetioui A., Rozet J.P., Briand J.P., Stephan C.
in Japanese Journal of Applied Physics - International Conference on X-Ray and XUV Spectroscopy, Japan [in2p3-00017154 - version 1]
Observation of the T = 4 and T = 5 components of the giant gamow-teller resonance in the ($^3$He,t) reaction at 130 MeV
Galonsky A., Didelez J.P., Djaloeis A., Oelert W.
Physics Letters B 74 (1978) 176-178 [in2p3-00017132 - version 1]
Observation of a new isomer in $^(212)$Po
Lieder R.M., Didelez J.P., Beuscher H., Haenni D.R., Mueller-Veggian M. et al
Physical Review Letters 41 (1978) 742-745 [in2p3-00017131 - version 1]
Elastic scattering of 130 MeV $^3$He
Djaloeis A., Didelez J.P., Galonsky A., Oelert W.
Nuclear Physics A 306 (1978) 221-228 [in2p3-00017124 - version 1]
Cross sections and isomer ratios for $^(211,212)$Po
Lieder R.M., Didelez J.P., Beuscher H., Haenni D.R., Mueller-Veggian M. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Dpg Spring Meeting and Advanced Training Meeting of the Fachausschuss Kernphysik Sektion A: Nuclear Physics, Allemagne [in2p3-00017123 - version 1]
$^(31)$P($^3$He,d)$^(32)$S reaction at 25 MeV
Kalifa J., Vernotte J., Deschamps Y., Pougheon F., Rotbard G. et al
Physical Review C 17 (1978) 1961-1980 [in2p3-00017116 - version 1]
$^(70,72,74,76)$Ge(d, $^3$He)$^(69,71,73,75)$Ga reactions at 26 MeV
Rotbard G., Larana G., Vergnes M., Berrier G., Kalifa J. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 86-95 [in2p3-00017111 - version 1]
Structure of $^(78)$Ge from the $^(76)$Ge(t,p)$^(78)$Ge reaction
Ardouin D., Lebrun C., Guilbault F., Remaud B., Flynn E.R. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 1201-1206 [in2p3-00017107 - version 1]