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Quand on tue les neutrinos dans l'oeuf
Paty M.
La Recherche 9 (1978) 779- [in2p3-00018003 - version 1]
Single-pion production antineutrino-induced neutral-current interactions
Erriques O., Folgi Muciaccia M.T., Natali S., Nuzzo S., Halsteinslid A. et al
Physics Letters B 73 (1978) 350-354 [in2p3-00018001 - version 1]
Production of strange particles in antineutrino interactions at the CERN PS
Erriquez O., Fogli Muciaccia M.T., Natali S., Nuzzo S., Halsteinslid A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 140 (1978) 123-140 [in2p3-00018000 - version 1]
Production of slow protons in the inclusive reactions $p(\pi ^+) + n \rightarrow p_(slow) + x$ at 195 GeV/c
Eisenberg Y., Haber B., Hochman D., Karshon U., Lyons L. et al
Nuclear Physics B 135 (1978) 189-202 [in2p3-00017999 - version 1]
Observation of an excess of $\nu_e, \overline(\nu)_e$ events in a beam dump experiment at 400 GeV.
Morfin J., Weerts H., Welch L., Armenise N., Erriquez O. et al
Physics Letters B 74B (1978) 134-138 [in2p3-00017997 - version 1]
Friction and diffusion processes in transfer reactions with heavy ions
Oeschler H., Coffin J.P., Grange P., Engelstein P., Gallmann A. et al
Dans Verhandlungen Der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft - Dpg Spring Meeting And Advanced Training Meeting Of The Fachausschuss Kernphysik Sektion A: Nuclear Physics, Allemagne [in2p3-00017996 - version 1]
Heavy-ion transfer reactions as a diffusion process
Oeschler H., Coffin J.P., Engelstein P., Gallmann A., Sim K.S. et al
Physical Review C 18 (1978) 239-246 [in2p3-00006868 - version 1]
Pulse height defects in surface barrier detectors
Ndocko-Ndongue V.B., Pape A., Armbruster R.
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 11 (1978) 1733-1740 [in2p3-00017994 - version 1]
Analogue-antianalogue transitions in As-isotopes
Klapdor H.V., Schrader M., Bergdolt G., Bergdolt A.M., Naumov Y.V.
Izvestia Akademii Nauk SSSR Seria Fiziceskaa 42 (1978) 64- [in2p3-00017993 - version 1]
Yrast traps and very high-spin yrast states in $^(152)$Dy
Khoo T.D., Smither R.K., Haas B., Haeusser O., Andrews H.R. et al
Physical Review Letters 41 (1978) 1027-1030 [in2p3-00006867 - version 1]