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Transient K-shell hyperfine fields and deduced polarizations for single-electron C and O ions in different ferromagnets
Speidel K.-H., Knopp M., Karle W., Mayr M., Hagelberg F. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 6 (1987) 43- [in2p3-00006303 - version 1]
The effect of Helium layers implanted into thin iron foils on transient magnetic fields
Simonis H.J., Hagelberg F., Knopp M., Speidel K.-H., Karle W. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 7 (1987) 233- [in2p3-00006302 - version 1]
Coincidence measurement of the fully-damped yield from the $^(32)$S + $^(24)$Mg reaction
Sanders S.J., Back B.B., Beck C., Dichter B.K., Henderson D. et al
Bulletin of the American Physical Society 32 (1987) 1076- [in2p3-00006301 - version 1]
Detection of hard photons with BaF$_2$ scintillators
Novotny R., Riess S., Hingmann R., Stroher H., Fischer R.D. et al
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Research: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 262 (1987) 340-346 [in2p3-00006298 - version 1]
One-nucleon stripping reactions to discrete levels induced by a 793 MeV $^(16)$O beam on a $^(208)$Pb target
Mermaz M.C., Berthier B., Barrette J., Gastebois J., Gillibert A. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 326 (1987) 353- [in2p3-00006297 - version 1]
Measurements of the g-factor ratio of the first 3$^-$ and 5$^-$ states in $^(40)$Ca and the lifetime of the 5$^-$ state
Mayr M., Speidel K.H., Knopp M., Karle W., Faestermann T. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 327 (1987) 157-161 [in2p3-00006296 - version 1]
Attenuations and atomic spin precessions of $\gamma$-angular correlations for Coulomb excited $^(19)$F nuclei
Knopp M., Speidel K.-H., Hagelberg F., Simonis H.-J., Tandon P.N. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik D 4 (1987) 329- [in2p3-00006295 - version 1]
$\gamma$ Rays from peripheral and central collisions in the reaction $^(40)$Ar + $^(158)$Gd at 44 MeV/nucleon
Hingmann R., Kuhn W., Metag V., Mulhans R., Novotny R. et al
Physical Review Letters 58 (1987) 759-763 [in2p3-00007880 - version 1]
Inclusive $\pi^+$ and $\pi^-$ production in nucleon-nucleus and $^4$He-nucleus collisions in the GeV region
Tellez-Arenas A., Lombard R.J., Maillet J.P.
Journal of Physics G 13 (1987) 311-319 [in2p3-00017542 - version 1]
Search for correlations between prolate-shape collective and oblate-shape non collective nuclear rotation: High spin states in $^(159,160)$Yb
Byrski T., Beck F.A., Merdinger J.C., Nourreddine A., Cramer-Gordon H.W. et al
Nuclear Physics A 474 (1987) 193- [in2p3-00006293 - version 1]