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Inelastic scattering of $\alpha$ particles on light nuclei at $P_(\alpha)$=7.0 GeV/c
Banaigs J., Berger J., Berthet P., Bizard G., Boivin M. et al
Physical Review C 35 (1987) 1416-1424 [in2p3-00016646 - version 1]
Enhancement of the relative ($\Delta S=1)/(\Delta S=0)$ response of $^(40)$Ca at high excitation energies
Glashausser C., Jones K., Baker F.T., Bimbot L., Esbensen H. et al
Physical Review Letters 58 (1987) 2404-2407 [in2p3-00016645 - version 1]
Direct observation of new proton rich nuclei in the region Z between 23 and 29 using a 55A.MeV $^(58)$Ni beam
Pougheon F., Jacmart J.C., Quiniou E., Anne R., Bazin D. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik A 327 (1987) 17-24 [in2p3-00016644 - version 1]
Electromagnetic interactions and mesonic degrees of freedom in nuclei
Mathiot J.F.
In Few-Body Systems Supplementum - European Conference on Few-Body Physics 11, France [in2p3-00016643 - version 1]
First attempt to measure a plasma stopping power for heavy ions
Gardes D., Della Negra S., Bimbot R., Rivet M.F., Fleurier C. et al
In Phenomena in ionized gases - International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases 17, United Kingdom [in2p3-00016639 - version 1]
Nuclear physics with exotic heavy ion beams
Bimbot R.
Dans Frontiers of heavy-ion physics - Adriatic International Conference on Nuclear Physics 6, Yugoslavia [in2p3-00016638 - version 1]
Forward angle measurements of 60 MeV/nucleon $^(40)$Ar peripheral interactions on $^(208)$Pb
Suomijaervi T., Beaumel D., Blumenfeld Y., Frascaria N., Garron J.P. et al
Physical Review C 36 (1987) 2691-2693 [in2p3-00016637 - version 1]
Cross section and $T_(20) in $0^o$ deuteron breakup at 2.1 GeV
Perdrisat C.F., Punjabi V., Lyndon C., Yonnet J., Beurtey R. et al
Physical Review Letters 59 (1987) 2840-2843 [in2p3-00016633 - version 1]
Pixe macro and microprobe techniques in archaeometry
Brissaud I., Lagarde G., Sabir A., Houdayer A.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 116 (1987) 99-116 [in2p3-00016632 - version 1]
Spectroscopic properties of tetravalent actinide ions in solids
Krupa J.C.
In Inorganica Chimica Acta - International Conference on the Basic and Applied Chemistry of F-Transition (Lanthanide and Actinide) and Related Elements 2, Portugal [in2p3-00005944 - version 1]