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Excitation of the giant M1 resonance by inelastic proton scattering at 200 MeV
Galonsky A., Anantaraman N., Crawley G.M., Djalali C., Marty N. et al
Dans Electromagnetic Properties of Atomic Nuclei Thirty years of Configuration Mixing and Future Directions of Nuclear Shell Model - International Symposium On Electromagnetic Properties Of Atomic Nuclei, Japon [in2p3-00018168 - version 1]
Determination of the long range part of the deuteron wave function.
Sprung D.W.L., Martorell J., Klarsfeld S.
Dans Few-Body Problems in Physics - Vol.2 - International Conference On Few-Body Problems In Physics 10, Allemagne [in2p3-00007025 - version 1]
Citric complexes and americium citrates
Bouhlassa S., Guillaumont R.
Journal of the Less-Common Metals 99 (1984) 157-171 [in2p3-00007024 - version 1]
Etude du transfert de moment lineaires dans les reactions nucleaires $^(160+197)$Au et $^(160+232)$Th a 31 MeV par nucleon
Jabri N.
Université de Caen (1984) [in2p3-00018145 - version 1]
Quark charge retention in final state hadrons form deep inelastic muon scattering
Albanese J.P., Blum D., Heusse P., Jaffre M., Jacholkowska A. et al
Physics Letters B 144 (1984) 302-308 [in2p3-00021269 - version 1]
Transverse momentum and its compensation in current and target jets in deep inelastic muon-proton scattering
Arneodo M., Giubellino P., Peroni C., Dosseli U., Haas J. et al
Physics Letters B 149 (1984) 415-420 [in2p3-00021263 - version 1]
Quark and diquark fragmentation into neutral strange particles as observed in muon-proton interactions at 280 GeV
Arneodo M., Blum D., Heusse P., Jaffre M., Jacholkowska A. et al
Physics Letters B 145 (1984) 156-162 [in2p3-00021262 - version 1]
Experiments with the Cern SPS hyperon beam
Bourquin M., Repellin J.P.
Physics Reports 114 (1984) 99-180 [in2p3-00021256 - version 1]
Ultralight dirac neutrinos from possible supergrand scenario
Roy P., Shanker O.
Physical Review D 30 (1984) 1949-1958 [in2p3-00021252 - version 1]
On supersymmetry breaking in a strong magnetic field
Roy P.
Journal of Physics G 10 (1984) 417-422 [in2p3-00021251 - version 1]