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Baryon physics from meson physics via solitons
Vinh Mau R.
In Windsurfing the fermi sea - International Conference and Symposium on Unified Concepts of Many-Body Problems, United States [in2p3-00016594 - version 1]
An overview on effective lagrangians and skyrme solitons
Vinh Mau R.
In Fizika - Workshop on Mesonic Degrees of Freedom in Hadrons, Yugoslavia [in2p3-00016592 - version 1]
An integro-differential equation approach to few- and many body systems
Fabre De La Ripelle M., Fiedeldey H., Sofianos S.A.
Few-Body Systems Supplementum 2 (1987) 488-492 [in2p3-00016591 - version 1]
An attempt to extend the standard model to include invisible axions and majorons
Kang K., Pantziris A.
Physics Letters B 193 (1987) 467-470 [in2p3-00016590 - version 1]
A new hadronization scheme - the case of explicit charm decay
Basdevant J.L., Bediaga I., Predazzi E., Tiomno J.
Nuclear Physics B 294 (1987) 1071-1080 [in2p3-00016589 - version 1]
A new hadronization model - implicit charm decay
Basdevant J.L., Bediaga I., Predazzi E.
Nuclear Physics B 294 (1987) 1054-1070 [in2p3-00016588 - version 1]
A high energy deuteron polarimeter for use in the determination of the deuteron charge form factor
Cameron J.M., Antonuk L.E., Cairns E.B., Fielding H.W., Holm L. et al
Dans Perspectives in nuclear at intermediate energies - Workshop on Perspectives in Nuclear Physics at Intermediate Energies 3, Italie [in2p3-00016587 - version 1]
A consistent derivation of the real and imaginary parts of the heavy ion potential below and above the coulomb barrier
Vinh Mau N.
Nuclear Physics A 470 (1987) 406-414 [in2p3-00016586 - version 1]
Production of $\Lambda_c$ with large $\chi_f$ at the ISR
Chauvat P., Cousins R., Hayes K., Smith A.M., Bonino R. et al
Physics Letters B 199 (1987) 304-310 [in2p3-00021064 - version 1]
Observation of correlations between forward protons and 90$^0$ trigger protons at $\sqrt(s)$ = 62 GeV
Smith A.M., Meritet L., Reyrolle M., Vazeille F., Bonino R. et al
Physics Letters B 184 (1987) 293-298 [in2p3-00021062 - version 1]