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Theoretical and experimental study of alpha counting efficiency using LR-115 Kodak SSNTD applied to dosimetry in the field of thermoluminescence dating
Sanzelle S., Fain J., Miallier D.
In Nuclear Tracks and Radiation Measurements - International Conference On Solid State Nuclear Track Detectors. 13, Italy [in2p3-00005484 - version 1]
Direct lepton production in hadronic and nuclear collisions at low pt and low pair mass
Roche G.
In Intersections between particle and nuclear physics - Conference on Particle and Nuclear Physics. 2, Canada [in2p3-00021016 - version 1]
Subthreshold negative pions and energetic protons produced at $\theta_(cm)=900$ in 246 MeV/nucleon $^(139)$La + $^(139)$La collisions
Krebs G.F., Gilot J.F., Kirk P.N., Claesson G., Miller J. et al
Physics Letters B 171 (1986) 37-40 [in2p3-00020965 - version 1]
Lepton and pion pair production in $\gamma \gamma$ collisions measured near the threshold at DCI
Courau A., Haissinski J., Cordier A., Delcourt B., Mane F. et al
Nuclear Physics B 271 (1986) 1-20 [in2p3-00020964 - version 1]
Search of glueballs in the J/$\psi \rightarrow \gamma\phi\phi$ decay
Bisello D., Busetto G., Castro A., Limentani S., Nigro M. et al
Physics Letters B 179 (1986) 294-300 [in2p3-00020963 - version 1]
A measurement of $\eta_c \rightarrow \phi \phi$ in the radiative decay of the J/$\psi$
Bisello D., Busetto G., Castro A., Limentani S., Nigro M. et al
Physics Letters B 179 (1986) 289-293 [in2p3-00016150 - version 1]
High energy photoproduction of large transverse-momentum $\pi^0$ mesons: a quantitative test of QCD
Auge E., Bouard G. D., Bouquet B., D'Almagne B., Ferrer A. et al
Physics Letters B 168 (1986) 163-169 [in2p3-00005403 - version 1]
A semi-classical description of nuclear phase-space and momentum distributions in hot nuclei
Durand M., Schuck P.
Physics Letters B 172 (1986) 135-138 [in2p3-00022613 - version 1]
Elastic vibrational approach to giant resonances of deformed nuclei
Jang S.
Physical Review C 33 (1986) 352-364 [in2p3-00022614 - version 1]
Nuclear dissipation due to bosonic reservoirs at finite temperature: a master equation based on second RPA dynamics
Jang S., Yannouleas C.
Nuclear Physics A 460 (1986) 201-221 [in2p3-00022615 - version 1]