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Production of g(1590) and other mesons decaying into eta pairs by 100 gev/c pi - on protons
Alde D., Knapp E.A., Donskov S.V., Inyakin A.V., Kachanov V.A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 269 (1986) 485-508 [in2p3-00021375 - version 1]
2.22 GeV $\eta\eta$' structure observed in 38 geV/c and 100 GeV/c $\pi^-$p collisions
Alde D., Knapp E.A., Binon F., Bricman C., Lagnaux J.P. et al
Physics Letters B 177 (1986) 120-124 [in2p3-00021374 - version 1]
Some new results from the gams collaboration
Bricman C., Peigneux J.P.
In Strong interactions and gauge theories - Rencontre De Moriond Hadronic Session 21, France [in2p3-00008780 - version 1]
Hodoscope multiphoton spectrometer gams-2000
Binon F., Lagnaux J.P., Michotte D., Mouthuy T., Stroot J.P. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A - Seminar On Cherenkov Detectors And Their Applications In Science And Technology, Russie, Fédération De [in2p3-00008776 - version 1]
Observation of a 1750 MeV narrow meson decaying into $\eta\eta$
Alde D., Knapp E.A., Binon F., Bricman C., Lagnaux J.P. et al
Physics Letters B 182 (1986) 105-107 [in2p3-00021367 - version 1]
Matrix element of the $\eta'(958) \rightarrow \eta\pi^0\pi^0$ decay
Alde D., Knapp E.A., Duteil P., Possoz A., Binon F. et al
Physics Letters B 177 (1986) 115-119 [in2p3-00021363 - version 1]
241am - xrf analysis of rare earths in geological samples
Lagarde G., Larcher J.
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 105 (1986) 341-349 [in2p3-00008696 - version 1]
Intermediate vector-boson properties at the cern super proton synchrotron collider
Arnison A., Albrow M.G., Allkofer O.C., Astbury A., Aubert B. et al
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 1 (1986) 327-345 [in2p3-00008657 - version 1]
Analysis of the fragmentation properties of quark and gluon jets at the Cern sps $p\bar p$ collider
Arnison G., Albrow M.G., Denby B., Flynn P., Grayer G. et al
Nuclear Physics B 276 (1986) 253-271 [in2p3-00008592 - version 1]
A detailed study of the nucleon structure functions in deep inelastic muon scattering in iron
Aubert J.J., Bassompierre G., Becks K.H., Best C., Boehm E. et al
Nuclear Physics B 272 (1986) 158-192 [in2p3-00008580 - version 1]