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Transitions from bound to continuum three nucleon states: the case of electro-weak reactions.
Goulard B., Pochet T., Cory-Goulard G., Hennequin D., Torre J.
In The three-body force in the three-nucleon system - International Symposium on the Three-Body Force in the Three-Nucleon System, United States [in2p3-00008837 - version 1]
P-d vector radiative capture and the $^3$He d-state
Jourdan J., Baumgartner M., Burzynski S., Egelhof P., Henneck R. et al
Nuclear Physics A 453 (1986) 220-240 [in2p3-00008835 - version 1]
Passivation of polycrystalline silicon solar cells by low energy hydrogen ion implantation
Muller J.C., Abadou Y., Barhdadi A., Courcelle E., De Unamuno S. et al
Solar Cells 17 (1986) [in2p3-00019292 - version 1]
On some aspects of the description of time-dependent processes in the phase space formulation of quantum mechanics
Kohl H., Schuck P.
In Phase Space Approach to Nuclear Dynamics - Topical Meeting on Phase Space Approach to Nuclear Dynamics, Italy [in2p3-00008820 - version 1]
A modular multidrift vertex detector
Bouclier R., Charpak G., Gao W., Mine P., Peisert A. et al
Dans Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A - International Wire Chamber Conference 4 Wire Chambers - Recent Trends And Alternative Techniques 4, Autriche [in2p3-00019288 - version 1]
Large-t elastic scattering at the Cern SPS collider at $\sqrt s$ = 630 GeV
Bernard D., Haguenauer M., Velasco J., Bozzo M., Sette G. et al
Physics Letters B 171 (1986) 142-144 [in2p3-00019287 - version 1]
Pseudorapidity distribution of charged particles in diffraction dissociation events at the cern sps collider
Bernard D., Haguenauer M., Velasco J., Bozzo M., Sette G. et al
Physics Letters B 166 (1986) 459-462 [in2p3-00019286 - version 1]
Coherent single pion production by antineutrino charged current interactions and test of pcac
Marage P., Bertrand D., Sacton J., Aderholz M., Wittek W. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 31 (1986) 191-197 [in2p3-00019282 - version 1]
Evidence for higher twist effects in fast pi - production by antineutrinos in neon
Fitch P.J., Azemoon T., Bullock F.W., Sansum R.A., Kasper P. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 31 (1986) 51-58 [in2p3-00008808 - version 1]
Production of g(1590) and other mesons decaying into eta pairs by 100 gev/c pi - on protons
Alde D., Knapp E.A., Donskov S.V., Inyakin A.V., Kachanov V.A. et al
Nuclear Physics B 269 (1986) 485-508 [in2p3-00021375 - version 1]