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Parametric analysis of the energy levels of U$^(4+)$ in d$_(2d)$ and limiting d$_2$ sites in incommensurate ThBr$_4$
Delamoye P., Rajnak K., Genet M., Edelstein N.
Physical Review B 28 (1983) 4923-4930 [in2p3-00008391 - version 1]
Neutron scattering investigation of incommensurate ThBr$_4$
Bernard L., Currat R., Zeyen C.M.E., Delamoye P., Hubert S. et al
Journal of Physics C: Solid State Physics 16 (1983) 433-456 [in2p3-00008388 - version 1]
Fusion oscillations for symmetric light heavy-ion systems
Poffe N., Rowley N., Lindsay R.
Nuclear Physics A 410 (1983) 498-512 [in2p3-00008387 - version 1]
Analysis of the Pr$^(3+)$ spectrum in the incommensurate phase of ThCl$_4$
Malek C.K., Krupa J.C., Genet M.
Dans Journal of the Less-Common Metals - Rare Earth Research Conference 16, États-Unis [in2p3-00008386 - version 1]
Anisotropic magnetic susceptibility of single crystal UCl$_4$
Gamp E., Edelstein N., Khan Malek C., Hubert S., Genet M.
Journal of Chemical Physics 79 (1983) 2023-2026 [in2p3-00008385 - version 1]
Thorium tetrabromide: an old compound restudied by actinide chemistry
Guillaumont R.
Radiochimica Acta 32 (1983) 129-137 [in2p3-00008384 - version 1]
New results from the search for baryonium in $p\bar p$ reactions at rest
Backenstoss G., Hasinoff H., Pavlopoulos P., Repond J., Tauscher L. et al
Dans Helvetica Physica Acta - Spring Meeting of the Swiss Physical Society, Suisse [in2p3-00018904 - version 1]
Fusion and competing reactions in central collisions at large excitation energies
Lefort M.
Dans Nuclear Physics A - International Conference On Heavy-Ion Physics And Nuclear Physics, Italie [in2p3-00008201 - version 1]
Secondary ion emission from surfaces of solids bombarded by high energy heavy ions
Della Negra S., Le Beyec Y.
Nuclear Science Applications A 1 (1983) 569-590 [in2p3-00008197 - version 1]
Isotopic distributions of projectile-like fragments in 44 MeV/u $^(40)$Ar induced reactions
Guerreau D., Borrel V., Jacquet D., Galin J., Gatty B. et al
Physics Letters B 131 (1983) 293-296 [in2p3-00008044 - version 1]