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Study of J/psi -- gamma$\varrho$gamma and J/$\psi\gamma\phi\phi$ with the DM2 detector at DCI
Augustin J.-E., Ayach L., Calcaterra S., Cosme G., Couchot F. et al
In Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies - International Symposium on Lepton and Photon Interactions at High Energies, United States [in2p3-00017826 - version 1]
Tau branching ratios and polarization limits in $e^+e^-$ interactions at $\sqrt(s)$ = 34 GeV
Behrend H.J., Chen C., Fenner H., Guempel U., Schachter M.J. et al
Physics Letters B 127 (1983) 270-276 [in2p3-00017809 - version 1]
Band structure in $^(180)$Ta studied with transfer reactions
Warde E., Costa G., Magnac-Valette D., Seltz R., Gerardin C. et al
Physical Review C 27 (1983) 98-112 [in2p3-00006578 - version 1]
On the positron reactions with pseudohalides in water
Abbe J.C., Duplatre G.
Chemical Physics Letters 98 (1983) 403- [in2p3-00006553 - version 1]
A fast arithmetical unit used with microprogrammable processors
Lecoq J., Berst J.D., Froberger J.P., Meyer J.M., Perrin M.
Nuclear Instruments and Methods 213 (1983) 329- [in2p3-00017800 - version 1]
Hadron production in $\pi^+$ and $\pi^-$ neon interactions at 30 and 64 GeV/c
Rees C.D., Lubatti H.J., Moriyasu K., Rock D., Arnold R. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 17 (1983) 95-103 [in2p3-00006548 - version 1]
Dilepton and trilepton production by neutrinos in Gargamelle at CERN SPS energies
Haatuft A., Myklebost K., Olsen J.M., Willutzky M., Petitjean P.
Nuclear Physics B 222 (1983) 365- [in2p3-00017798 - version 1]
Charm D-Meson production in 360 Gev/c p-p interactions, comparison with $\pi^-$-p at the same energy
Aguilar-Benitez M., Bizzarri R., Bruyant F., Dumarchez J., Gentile S. et al
Physics Letters B 123 (1983) 103-107 [in2p3-00017795 - version 1]
Lifetime measurement of charm mesons produced in $\pi^-$-p and pp interactions at 360 GeV/c
Aguilar-Benitez M., Allison W.W., Bagnaia P., Baland J., Barone L. et al
Physics Letters B 122 (1983) 312-316 [in2p3-00017794 - version 1]
Measurements of hyperon semileptonic decays at the CERN super proton synchrotron. pt. 4.
Bourquin M., Brown R.M., Gee C.N.P., Gray R.J., Ott R.J. et al
Zeitschrift für Physik C 21 (1983) 27-36 [in2p3-00017791 - version 1]