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Etude du deplacement electrophoretique pour quelques elements 4f trivalents
Fourest B., Duplessis J., David F.
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II 302 (1986) 405-408 [in2p3-00006085 - version 1]
Energy dissipation in nucleus-nucleus collisions around 40mev per nucleon: new phenomena or transition trends ?
Lefort M., Borderie B., Jacquet D.
Dans Heavy-Ion Collisions (1986) 33-67 [in2p3-00006081 - version 1]
Electrophoretic mobilities of some trivalent Lanthanide cations
Fourest B., Duplessis J., David F.
Comptes Rendus de l'Academie des Sciences Serie II 302 (1986) 405-408 [in2p3-00006075 - version 1]
Determination of the deuteron mean square radius
Klarsfeld S., Martorell J., Oteo J.A., Nishimura M., Sprung D.W.L.
Nuclear Physics A 456 (1986) 373-396 [in2p3-00006072 - version 1]
Cooling of hot rotating nuclei by electric and magnetic dipole radiation.
Morsch H.P., Bochev B., Kutsarova T., Lieder R.M., Gast W. et al
in Weak and Electromagnetic Interactions in Nuclei - International Symposium On Weak And Electromagnetic Interactions In Nuclei And Exhibition, Germany [in2p3-00006071 - version 1]
Differential cross-sections for one- and two-electron capture by highly charged ions (N$^(7+)$, O$^(7+)$, O$^(8+)$, Ne$^(7+)$, Ne$^(8+)$) at low keV energies
Roncin P., Barat M., Laurent H.
Europhysics Letters (EPL) 2 (1986) 371-377 [in2p3-00017191 - version 1]
Bulk compression due to surface tension in Hartree-Fock Thomas-Fermi and droplet-model calculations
Treiner J., Myers W.D., Swiatecki W.J., Weiss M.S.
Nuclear Physics A 452 (1986) 93-104 [in2p3-00006067 - version 1]
Electronic structure of Tetrakis-(111-trifluoro-4-phenylbutane-24-dion ato)uranium(iv): magnetochemical analysis
Blaise A., Genet M., Song C., Soulie E.
Dans Journal of the Less-Common Metals - International Conference On Actinides Actinides '85, France [in2p3-00006066 - version 1]
A positive short range tensor model for the deuteron
Kermode M.W., Cooper S.G., Klarsfeld S.
Physics Letters B 174 (1986) 357-360 [in2p3-00006065 - version 1]
Target nuclear charge dependence of 1s2 $\to$ 1s2p and 1s2 $\to$ 1s3p excitation cross sections of Fe$_(24+)$ projectiles in the intermediate velocity range
Wohrer K., Chetioui A., Rozet J.P., Jolly A., Fernandez F. et al
Journal of Physics B: Atomic and Molecular Physics 19 (1986) 1997-2006 [in2p3-00017157 - version 1]